10 short hairstyles to say "I want this haircut"

10 short hairstyles to say "I want this haircut"

When a new season comes to mind, the first thing that comes to mind is new haircuts. When women who prefer to look comfortable came up with short hairstyles, we made our decision for short hair this year.

When you say short hair, don't think of just one haircut! Today we are taking a closer look at 10 short hairstyles for you. We answer the most frequently asked questions such as "Who is good for short hair? What are short hairstyles?" After you read this article, you can take it in your hairdresser, be careful!

Bob shortened from front to back

The iconic bob hairstyle, which is shortened from front to back, is back in 2021! If you want a modern and youthful haircut in your hair, this hairstyle may be the style you are looking for. If you are complaining about your hair looking thin, you can make your hair look full and voluminous with this haircut. If your short haircut looks faint, you can break this bias with a bob cut that is shorter from front to back.

Who goes well with it?: The bob haircut, which is shorter from the front to the back, goes well with the inverted triangle face lines. Oval faces can also use this haircut, which makes the face look more rounded and proportional, but it's a condition. Instead of styling your hair straight, you should massage the ends of your hair with Hair Beautifying Miraculous cream to give it a slightly wavy look. Thus, your oval face lines will look more balanced.

Pixie haircut

The brave women's hairstyle, pixie haircut continues in popularity. If you like shabby and natural hairstyles, it will be very enjoyable for you to use the pixie haircut. Pixie haircut is best suited for light blonde hair. For a radical change in your summertime hair, we suggest you try 110 Extra Light Diamond Blonde hair colors from the Garnier Striking Colors range.

Who suits it ?: Pixie haircut actually suits every face shape, the important thing is how you use this hairstyle. If you have a round face, you can use your hair in waves. Women with long and rectangular facial features should make sure that every part of the pixie haircut is equal and should not shorten the side parts too much.

Short short hair

The blunt short hair that was popular in the 90s is back. Those who miss to look dynamic and energetic should definitely try the blunt short hairstyle. Especially those with straight hair should cut their hair straight without thinking, because this hairstyle best suits straight hair. You don't need to spend time styling your hair after cutting, you can apply a conditioning spray to make it look more vibrant and shiny before going out.

Who goes well with it?: Bulky short hair best suits an inverted triangular face shape. If you have triangular jaw lines, this model is for you!

Short hair with bangs

Women who love different hairstyles can't give up bangs. We most like the banged hairstyle with a bob haircut. We recommend that you immediately switch to short hair with bangs in order to always look cool without the need for styling your hair in summer.

Who is it for?: The haircut with bangs suits every face shape, the important thing is to choose the bangs. If you have a short and narrow forehead, you should prefer micro bangs. Those with a wide forehead area may prefer fringe or long bangs.

Boyish haircut

Masculine styles that have become fashionable in recent years are also reflected in haircuts. Boyish haircut looks just like men's short hair. Women who like to look masculine and have their own style will look very cool with a boyish haircut. If you want to revitalize this haircut with a new color, you should try Casting Créme Gloss 680 Bronze Brown hair color.

Who will suit?: Boyish haircut best suits round faces. You have to leave the front of your hair a little longer and let this haircut balance out your facial features.

Undercut haircut

Undercut haircuts are one of the favorite styles for those who want a short haircut but don't dare. You can draw shapes by shaving the nape of your hair and get a crazy hair style. When she uses her hair open, nobody will see the nape of her hair.

Who suits it?: Undercut haircut will suit anyone who wants to feel free! You can look crazy by scraping the nape of your hair or on the ear.


Women who like to try different models in haircuts and are not afraid of innovation love the mohawk hairstyle. The mohawk haircut, in which the top of the hair is long and the sides are short, will save you a lot of time in the summer. Just by styling the upper part of your hair, you can be ready in minutes.

Who would suit them?: Mohawk haircuts best suit square faces. You can wave the upper part of your hair and add fullness to a square face shape.

Short haircuts with layers

Women with fine hair can also get a short haircut. Layered haircut is at the top of the hairstyles that will make thin hair look fuller. In the short layered haircut, the back of the hair is a little shorter and the strands in the front are cut longer. Thus, the hair looks fuller just as you imagined.

Who goes well with it ?: Short layered haircuts go well with long faces. If you have an oval and long face, you can show your face lines more rounded with a short layered haircut.

Asymmetrical short hair

Asymmetrical short hair is preferred by women who love classic hairstyles. Asymmetrical hair that is separated from the side combines with long bangs, providing a classic and modern look. We usually recommend using this haircut, where the rest of the hair is cut evenly, straightened.

Who is it for ?: Asymmetrical haircuts we most suit rectangular face shape. Oval faces can also use this haircut.

Curly short hair

One of the hairstyles preferred by celebrities in the summer of 2021 is the short curl hairstyle. Brave women who want to give their hair a new style and model after the long winter, cut their hair short. If you have curly hair, you should part your hair from the sides and let your curls fall on your forehead.

Who goes well with it?: Curly short hairstyle suits women with prominent facial features. Women with inverted triangular facial features and prominent cheekbones will be very comfortable in summer with this hairstyle.