12 medium hairstyles that will make medium hair love

12 medium hairstyles that will make medium hair love

Medium length hairstyles are everywhere this season! We have brought together the medium length hairstyles we come across while browsing social media for inspiration!

How would you like to take a look at the file we prepared to refresh our hair with medium hairstyles? We are sure that you will find a model that you will fall in love with too!

1.Straight bob medium long cut

The long bob haircut, which we call the long bob, is one of the haircuts you can choose with a medium length. This haircut, which suits those with oval face lines, is generally used in a straight style.

2.Haircut with messy wavy shoulder

The latest favorite haircut for those with wavy hair is shoulder hair! You can achieve an extremely cool look, especially with the shoulder haircut shaped in a messy wavy style.

3.Medium long hair with bouncy blow-dry

One of the hairstyles you can try after cutting your hair in medium length is the moving blow-dry hair style! Editor's suggestion: If you want your hair not to be damaged or damaged by heat during blow-drying, we recommend that you use a heat-protective product. Our favorite product is Hair Beautifying Miraculous Oil Cream, which can protect hair up to 230 degrees. Before applying heat treatment, you can protect your hair by applying this nourishing cream to the ends and lengths of your hair.

4.Hairy medium long hair

Especially those with fine hair tend to experience volume problems in their hair when they prefer blunt and medium long haircuts. To add volume to your hair, our suggestion is to choose wavy styles instead of straight styles.
Editor's suggestion: You can use volumizing styling mousses to get voluminous waves in your hair. You can get defined curls with Foam for Distinct and Full Curls.

5. Braids special for medium long hair

You can also opt for braids as your hair is long enough. You can get a cool look especially with waterfall braids, which are one of our favorite knitting models.

6.Medium long hair with curlers

If you prefer a medium length haircut, you can use a water wavy hairstyle by applying a curling iron to your hair. You can choose these natural waves daily or on special occasions.

7.The middle part hair

If you have an oval face shape, you can use your medium length hair by parting it in the middle. However, if you have a round or long face shape, we recommend that you do not use medium partitions as it will make the facial features more pronounced.

8.Medium long hair with a side parting

By separating your hair from the sides, you can make it look more voluminous and give a different air to your look.

9.Medium long hair with layers

If you prefer layered styles in every haircut, you can use your medium long hair in a layered cut.

10.Asymmetrical cut

You can give your hair a different atmosphere by choosing the layered haircut to the asymmetrical style. You can achieve this look by using the front long back short or vice versa.

11.Ombre styles

How would you like to change the color of your ready-made hair with a medium long cut? Ombre goes very well with medium long hair at shoulder length.

12. Medium long cut with bangs

If you have a wide forehead, how about balancing your face shape with your bangs? Did we mention how good bangs go with medium long hair? :)