4 different “babylight” hairstyles to inspire

4 different “babylight” hairstyles to inspire

Icon girls always manage to attract attention with flawless hair. By choosing natural-looking colorings such as babylights and choosing hairstyles that will highlight this coloring.

If you are also oriented towards natural color transitions this summer, you will guarantee the beauty of your hair with the following different cut and model hair styles.

Karlie Kloss's bob cut blonde hair

The supermodel doesn't need to spend hours at the hairdresser for flawless blonde hair. Adhering to the "less is more" philosophy, Karlie Kloss proves that correct coloring is much more effective than hairstyles.

Wavy long bob hair

Is it Hollywood's secret to golden hair? A very natural coloring with brown to yellow tones!

Bang detail

We can't even think of better than bangs with clear reflections to highlight brown eyes! If you have "babylight" hair, remember that you have a secret weapon!

Thick hair

You should play your cards well, especially if you have fine hair. You should prefer a haircut that can easily gain volume and lively hairstyles. The light and shadow play in her hair also supports this look.