5 tips for long-lasting wavy hairstyle

5 tips for long-lasting wavy hairstyle

Enjoy your waves longer! Wavy hair is every woman's dream. Wavy hairstyles that make their hair look voluminous and fuller than they are are among our favorites too! Although wavy hair is easy to do, it is not easy to stay fixed.

An hour after waving your hair, falling waves cause a huge waste of time! Well, what if we say that we have suggestions to make your wavy hair look voluminous and fuller for longer? We have prepared a great guide for you for the long-lasting wavy hairstyle. You can enjoy your long lasting waves with the help of our suggestions below! :)

1. Fix your curls

You shouldn't let your hair go down instantly after waving your hair with a curling iron or blow dryer. Remember, whatever way your hair gets cold it stays the same. To keep your hair looking wavy for a long time, wrap the waved hair around your finger, twirl it and secure it with a wire clip. Thus, you can wait 10-15 minutes for your hair to cool. As soon as you remove the barrettes, you will love the curls in your hair and you will crave to enjoy the long-lasting hairdo! Editor's suggestion: If you don't have time to wait for your hair to cool in curls, wrap your hair with a wire clip, then set the cool part of the hairdryer and try cooling your hair with cool air. Thanks to this very practical and effective method, you can wave your hair instantly and enjoy your waves all day long, even for a few days.

2. Use the right styling products

To achieve long-lasting wavy hair, you have to use the right hair styling tools. If you want to create natural curls in your hair, we recommend you to use L'Oréal Paris Elnett Foam for Distinct and Full Curls. Hair foam provides a very practical application while creating a particularly distinctive curled look. If you want to have natural waves in your hair, we recommend you the Foam for Wavy Hair. You can get long-lasting curls and wavy hair by using these high hold styling mousses.

3. You should get the right blow dryer

Hair dryer and blow dryer are actually different devices. A blow dryer is more powerful than a hair dryer. If you want to style your hair with a blow dryer, you should choose products with 2200 Watt and above. If you have thick hair, you should buy at least 2500 Watt blow dryers. Hair dryer machines are generally between 1200-1500 Watt. It will not be possible to style your hair with a machine of this power.

4. The thickness of the curling iron matters

If you are using a curling iron to curl your hair, the most important thing you should pay attention to is the thickness of the curling iron. Thickest curling iron is 13 cm. is around. You can make fine curls with this style of curlers. If you like curly hair models, 13 cm. the curling iron will be suitable for you. If you want natural waves like water waves, you should use a thick curling iron. Hair curlers between 32-38 cm create thicker and voluminous waves.

5. A strong hold hairspray is a must!

As with any hairstyle, you should use a strong hold hairspray to keep the wavy hair styles stable. If you want your hair to look both wavy and voluminous all day long, you can get help from Extra Strong Hold Spray for the final touch. Thanks to this hair spray, the waves will not move and your hairstyle will remain stable throughout the day! :)

If your hair is too frayed or dry and you do not want to use heat styling tools such as curlers, you can apply the Foam for Distinct and Full Curls to the ends and lengths of your hair to achieve wavy hair without using heat. If you want to wave your hair without heat, you can braid your damp hair before going to sleep at night. Apply Foam for Distinct and Full Curls to the ends and lengths of your hair first, then braid your hair.

When you wake up in the morning and open the braids, your hair will naturally be wavy. Once you fix these waves with the Extra Strong Hold Spray that protects the hair against moisture and leaves no residue on the hair, you can be sure that they won't degrade for at least a day!