8 celebrities known for their long hair

8 celebrities known for their long hair

Who are these famous beauties known for their long hair? We share with you 8 celebrities who are in our minds with their long hair.

Let's admit it is one of our biggest dilemmas: short hair or long hair? Sometimes the young and energetic look of short hair tempts us, and sometimes we can't resist the appeal of long hair.

Today we looked at photos of celebrities with long hair and once again admired Rapunzel hair. Before our decision changed, we wanted to introduce you to flawless long hair. It's free to take a screenshot of the photos and go to the hairdresser!

Blake lively

Blake Lively, the inspiration for our long hair, always manages to look flawless. Blake Lively, who often styled her long blonde hair with wavy hairstyles, fascinated us.

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Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes comes to mind first when we think of long-haired celebrities. The queen of red carpet, Doutzen, does not give up on the natural blonde hair color. Doutzen Kroes, who likes to use his long hair generally light and wavy, is one of the names that we show to the hairdressers most with his hairstyle and hair color.

Barbara palvin

Barbara Palvin is another name that haunts us with her long hair! It amazes us with its healthy and lively looking hair. Barbara's care secret is Miraculous Oil Hair Beautifying Cream!

Irina shayk

Famous for her beauty, Irina Shayk is one of the biggest inspiration for dark skinned people! Irina Shayk, who does not give up her long dark brown hair, always looks young and flawless thanks to this color. Irina, who generally prefers a large wavy hairstyle, makes a difference with her hair on the red carpet.

Lara Stone

Lara Stone, whose unique style and marginal style we like very much, does not give up on her long light blond hair. If you want to look glamorous and cool, you can try dyeing your long hair to light blonde tones like Lara Stone.

Natasha Poly

Admiring us with her long blond hair, Natasha Poly generally prefers attractive wavy long hairstyles and long hairstyles. You can also wave your hair and gather all your eyes on special nights. Attractive wavy hair, which suits long hair, is abundantly seen in 2021 hair trends.

Kristina bazan

Wheat skins over here! Kristina Bazan's long dark bangs hairstyle will look great on wheat skin! Especially those who cannot give up straight hair can be inspired by this hairstyle of Kristina Bazan.

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Karlie kloss

Karlie Kloss, one of the most famous blonde beauties, is a complete inspiration with her long hair that always looks cool! Being closely branded by beauty enthusiasts, Karlie looks charming at special occasions with her elegant and elegant long hairstyles.