African Braids: The Trend of Recent Times

African Braids: The Trend of Recent Times

African braid is one of the most talked about and trendy hairstyles of recent times. Inspired by the hairstyle of African women, this braid style goes well with both medium and long hair. If you like to try crazy and cool hairstyles on your hair, the African braid will be the right option for you.

What is an African braid?
African braid is the name given to the knitting model in which the hair is knitted in tufts and densely. This knitting style, which was also popular in the 90's, has spread all over the world starting from Africa. This braid style in which the hair is divided into thin strands is actually not a one-day hairstyle. The African braid you make at home can stay in your hair for a few days. This knitting model, which is not easily spoiled, practical and very cool, is especially preferred in summer.

Who is African braid suitable for?

In order to make an African braid, her hair must be at least shoulder-length. If your hair is shorter than shoulder length, you can use an extension to African braid. African braid is recommended for everyone who wants to try different hairstyles and likes creative and braid hairstyles.

If you want to spend a few days with just one hairstyle, you will love the African braid. Since the African braid is a very tight braid, it is not very suitable for those who have a layered haircut. Layered haircuts can prevent their short coats from getting out of their braids by spraying plenty of hairspray before starting the African braid.

How to make an African braid?

Making African braids at home is very practical. :) Apply Elseve Miraculous Hair Beautifying Oil Cream to hair lengths and ends before you start braiding your hair. No need to rinse, this cream makes your hair look shinier, prevents your hair from frizz and helps to take shape easily. Then cut your hair into tufts.

Take the thin strands of hair from the strands you've split and start braiding. You should always start braiding your hair from the nape of the neck and move forward. Secure the ends with colored rubber clips as you braid your hair. Get thinner strands when it comes to the front of your hair. If you have bangs, knit them, keep it natural. Finally, we recommend fixing your braids with Strong Hold Hair Spray to keep the hairstyle stable for a long time.

African braid styles

Semi-bulk African braid

If you want to collect your hair very quickly after the African braid, you can evaluate the half ponytail models. You don't need a hairpin for this hairstyle. Bring the two braids from the front behind your hair. Tie knots to keep the tufts stable at the back. That's it!

Half bun African braid

The most beautiful African braid hairstyles are undoubtedly the half bun ones. You can make a half bun to gather your hair while going to work. Divide your hair in half and twist the strands of braids on top to give it a half bun look.

African braided cool bun

If you want to turn your African braid into a cool bun, after braiding the sides of your hair, put the rest of your hair into a messy bun. Finally, add a more natural flair to your African braid bun by pulling thin strands from the front of your hair.