Are you looking for honey hair color hairstyles?

Are you looking for honey hair color hairstyles?

We have listed all you need to know about honey hair! Are you looking for a vibrant and energetic look in hair color? Then honey hair colors are just for you!

This hair color, which looks brilliant and is quite remarkable, is one of the most frequently preferred hair colors of famous stars. So what are we missing from them? :) If you want to give your honey hair a chance, we have compiled the most popular honey hair tones and everything you need to know about honey hair!

Who is honey colored hair suitable for?

Actually, honey-colored hair differs in hues. So there is a honey-colored hair tone suitable for every skin color. Here are the favorite honey shades and their harmony according to skin colors! We will talk about honey hair shades.

Honeycomb hair color types

Honey comb hair color with golden and cold reflections on auburn hair color is one of the most remarkable hair colors recently. You can reach one of the most beautiful shades of honeycomb tone, which has a very natural air, with 7.31 Honeycomb hair color from Excellence Creme series. Especially if you want a rich honeycomb color that lasts for a very long time, it will be an ideal choice for you!

Which skin color suits it: Honey comb hair color is more suitable for wheat and dark skin colors! If you have a wheat or dark skin color, you can experience the beauty of summer in all seasons by combining honeycomb hair color with your skin that always looks like bronze!

Honey brown hair color

Think of a great color with honey reflections on brown hair color! You can achieve this delicious look with honey brown hair color! Especially if you have a brown-based hair color and want a lighter, brighter hair color, we recommend you to try honey brown hair color.

If you want to achieve honey brown hair color at home, you can try the 832 Honey Foam shade in the Casting Creme Gloss collection, which is the closest shade to this hair color. We can say that it is ideal for an intense color with an eye-catching brightness!

Which skin color suits it: Honey brown hair color is perfect for those with dark skin tones! Perfect match with dark skin colors, if you have dark skin color, you will be very surprised! :)

Honey caramel hair color

It's time for sweet or sweet honey caramel hair color! We are sure that this enchanting hair color that combines honey color and caramel tones has captivated you too! If you want to get this beautiful color easily at home, you can get help from Garnier Striking Colors 7.34 Hot Sand Copper color.

Which skin color suits your skin tone: If you have a wheat skin color, the warm look of honey caramel will look great on you. The harmony between your hair color and skin tone will enchant everyone around you!

Honey foam hair color

It's time to meet honey foam hair color, one of the most sought after and curious honey tones. If you are wondering how to get honey foam hair color, Excellence Creme Hair Color 7.31 Honeycomb hair color will be enough for you. This oil-containing hair dye both nourishes your hair and gives it a bright color. Isn't that great?

Which skin color suits it: We match honey-foam hair color to white skins! It instantly offers a dynamic and vibrant look as if it has magical power over white skinned people. So if you are white and tired of your pale appearance, you can add vitality to your look with honey foam hair color.

Honey Balayage Hair Color

If you don't want to dye all of your hair, you can also use honey color as a balayage. But do not forget that honey-colored balayage is compatible with brown and light brown tones!

How should be the care of honey-colored hair?

Honey-colored hair, like other dyed hair, needs regular and careful care to look shiny for a long time. However, the most important point you should pay attention to is the choice of shampoo. Even if you use shampoo suitable for colored hair, you have noticed that the hair color loses its shine after a while.

In fact, it is the sulphate found in foaming shampoos that causes your hair to dry. By using sulfate-free, foam-free shampoos for dyed hair, you can have a hair color that maintains its shine for much longer.