Best hair colors for short hair

Best hair colors for short hair

Which haircut has the comfort of short hair? Do you not give up this comfort and always prefer short haircuts? You are doing best! Well, how about making a little change to your short hair color?

One of the season trends, a hair color suitable for short hair would not be bad! We heard the call of those who want to learn about short hair colors and models closely and we have compiled the hair colors that best suit short hair in this article. Let's continue our article for those who want to be inspired immediately! :)

Chocolate brown short hair

Did you sleep on the train and cut your hair at ear level? Then you can choose your hair color for chocolate brown. In our opinion, Excellence Creme 6.35 Chocolate Brown is one of the ideal tones, especially for those looking for a natural hair color and those with light and wheat skin tones. We are sure that your hair will look brilliant with this hair color that offers rich, long lasting and bright hair colors!

Ombre to short hair

We seem to hear him saying if it would be an ombre for short hair! Maybe your hair is not long, but you can try ombre hair too. If your hair is in a pixie cut, if the top or fronts are long, you can adapt this style by making these long sections lighter and darker. Especially in our short hairstyles, our favorite ombre colors are yellow ombre applied on auburn hair color! Maybe you found the change in your dream for your short hair! :)

Almond brown short hair

If your hair is neck-length, short bob cut, we recommend you try hot brown hair color. You can achieve this cool hair color with Excellence Creme 6.3 Almond Brown, which is incredibly suitable for wheat or dark skin colors. We are sure that you will love this intense and permanent color! We think you should write hot brown tones in the first place among short hair colors!

Platinum blonde short hair

If your hair is in pixie style, you can add a touch of difference to your style with platinum blonde hair color! This cool hair color, which goes well with all seasons, is best suited to those with fair skin color. We are sure that she will look very attractive with her platinum blonde color among short hair color models! :)

Two different colored short hair

If you want to stand out with your hair color as well as with a short haircut, this style is for you! You can create an assertive style by trying different colors such as blue, pink and green on your hair with six shaved hair and longer hair on the top.

Ombre bob

Since your hair is long enough, you can try ombre on your bob cut hair. Ombre goes well with short hair! You can add vitality to your look with ombre, which starts at the ear level and is 4-5 tones lighter than the hair color.

Pink short hair

The one who looks at you with your colorful bob hair will look again! Pink hair color and bob hair cut a legendary look. Especially for those who love marginal touches in their hair, this style is sure to suit well! If you do not want to dye all of your hair, you can also look at short hair colored ombre models.

Short hair balayage

Balayage goes well with short hair! With balayage applied to different strands of hair, you can add dimension to your hair and make your haircut more prominent. One of the most striking styles among short hairstyles, pixie hair also looks good with balayage. Tell us! :)

Golden caramel short hair

No one knows anymore that golden caramel hair color is one of the rising trends of the last period. For your short hair, you can choose a golden caramel hair color that suits every skin color. A permanent color for up to 28 shampoos. Your hair will look very cool with 603 Golden Caramel color of Casting Créme Gloss, which offers super bright hair colors!

Warm blonde short hair

If you have a wheat or dark skin color, you can also try a warm blonde hair color for your short hair. It is very important that blonde hair color is an intense and rich tone. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing the hair dye you use. With the Excellence Intense 8.34 Rich Warm Yellow color, you can achieve a rich, radiant yellow color. Especially if you have whites, you can ensure that all whites are covered with its 100% white covering feature.

Dark brown short hair

Dark brown hairstyles best suit short hair. Dark brown hair, which reveals the cool image of short hair, is very popular this year! If you want to sparkle between your dark brown hair, you can make a shade.

Editor's suggestion: If you have white hair between two hair dyes after dyeing your hair, don't panic! With Magic Retouch Instant Concealer Spray for Whites, you can temporarily get rid of the whites in your hair.

Ashy dark blonde short hair

If you want to look more vibrant and energetic after a short bob cut, you can prioritize ashy dark blonde tones. This hair color, which is especially suitable for fair skins, will add a dynamic atmosphere to you.