Black Eye Makeup Models

Black Eye Makeup Models

When it comes to black eye makeup, the flowing water stops for us. We love to try black eye makeup models and meet our friends with new models.

Today, we will examine our favorite black eye makeup models with you. It is possible to reveal both minimal and ambitious eye makeup models with black eye makeup. Once you find the best makeup items, non-bleeding eyeliner, permanent eyeliner, we are sure that he will make great examples of black eye makeup . All you need is some inspiration and some makeup knowledge! Both are available in our article.

Minimal black eye makeup

The most iconic form of black eye makeup is the tiny tailed eyeliner model, who claims otherwise? The tailed eyeliner style taken with jet black permanent eyeliner looks flawless all day long. We love this makeup that can be adapted for both night and day. New York Hyper Easy Eyeliner is the eyeliner we definitely recommend you try for the tailed eyeliner . Thanks to the soft tip of this eyeliner, eyeliner can be drawn very comfortably and gives intense color in one go. We can have the perfect black eyeliner without the need for a second layer.

How to draw tailed eyeliner ?: Drawing a cat eye eyeliner model is actually very simple. First, define the tail section by applying your eyeliner from the outer corner of your eyes upwards. Then, proceed from the bottom of the eyelashes and combine your tail with the eyeliner. Going too far towards the eye fountain when taking cat eye eyeliner, this step may make your eyes appear smaller.

Graphic eyeliner

If you want to add a little modern touch to black eye makeup, you can use asymmetrical lines to help. For those who will try the graphic eyeliner model for the first time, we recommend that they practice at home first. If your eyes are looking deep and inward, lines drawn on the fold line of the eyelid can make your eyes appear deeper. Instead, you can make your eyes look bigger by drawing eyeliner a little above the fold line of your eyelid.

When drawing graphic eyeliner, you will need an eye pencil that does not flow and is easy to apply. Maybelline Tattoo Liner Gel is like eyeliner ... You will be able to apply graphic eye makeup very easily with eyeliner, which is very easy to apply thanks to its non-bleeding, smudge, water and sweat resistant and soft tip . If you want to add different colors to black graphic eyeliner make-up, you can evaluate other colors of Tattoo Liner Gel eye pencils.

Smoky black eye makeup

Brown and wheat skinned here. We are telling you the night makeup style that best suits your skin color. Black smoky eye makeup, flawless complexion and red lips. We haven't seen a more assertive night makeup model!

You can combine the iconic Color Tattoo Cream Far 35 On and On Bronze and Risk Maker colors for a smoky eye make-up that will reveal your eye color . Risk Maker is a creamy black eyeshadow that spreads very easily and stays all day long . Distribute this color to the outer corners of your eyes. To make your eyes look brighter, you can also spread On and On Bronze color in the middle of your eyes and on the fold line of your eyelid with your fingers.

Make your eyes look bigger

To make your eyes look bigger, you should draw black eyeliner on both the lower and upper eyelashes. However, a few mistakes you make while taking eyeliner can make your eyes look smaller. First of all, do not advance the eyeliner to the eye fountain. You should draw black eyeliner on 3/4 of your eyes and leave the fountain empty.

Master Ink Matte Eyeliner, which is the easiest to apply and dries in a short time and looks matte , is ideal for matte black eye make-up! First draw eyeliner from the base of your upper lashes to the outer corner of your eyes. Then do the same on your lower lashes. To make your eyes look wider and bigger, you can apply your eyeliner starting from just below your eyelashes, not just below.

Luminous eye makeup

Just because black eye makeup doesn't mean it can't be bright. By combining dark eye make-up with your bright and sparkly headlights, you can make your eyes more prominent. You need an easy-spreading jet black eyeliner for this eye makeup look. New York Colossal Kajal eyeliner does not let you down thanks to its lasting effect of up to 12 hours and helps you look flawless all day long. After applying the kajal eye pencil , you can create a more misty look by distributing it with a headlight brush. If you make minor mistakes when applying eyeliner, you can diffuse them to make it look more flawless. You can harmonize it with your black eyeliner by applying the luminous shadow to the fold line of your eyelid.