Braided Bun Hairstyles New Trends

Braided Bun Hairstyles New Trends

Braided Bun Hairstyles: It's Free to Get Inspired by This Hair! Has anyone left not heard of how popular the knitting trend is? A new take on the braided hair trend: Braided bun hair.

Those who do not give up the modern hairstyle and can not say goodbye to evening dress hairstyles will love this new trend very much. You gonna be one of those who apply first thanks to the latest trends. So, it's free to get inspired by the braided bun styles below!

Braided bun models

Let's discover the most popular braided bun styles together! :)

High braided bun model

If you have thick and long hair, you can easily apply this hair trend. If you can't decide how to style your long hair for special occasions, you can try the braided bun style. Apply a leave-in conditioner to the ends and lengths of your hair first. In this way, your hair takes shape more easily. Then make your hair into a ponytail and free a strand. Then, knit this free strand and secure it with wire clips around your bun. Your perfect look is ready! :)

Easy braided bun style

You can get a modern bun with a herringbone braid. This hairstyle, which you can use for both daily and special occasions, will attract all the attention. After making this model, you should not forget to spray hairspray. Editor's suggestion: We recommend that you use hair sprays that will not both make the hairstyle heavy and keep the hairstyle stable throughout the day. One of our favorites in this regard is Extra Strong Fixing Hair Spray. You can apply this spray to your hair after creating your hairstyle.

Basket braided bun model

If you think you are ambitious about knitting; If you want to emphasize the sparkles in the hair color, you  can take inspiration from the braid crowns, also called basket weave  . This hairstyle, which is very practical to make, will make you feel like a princess all day long. Braid two thick strands from the front of your hair and wrap them in a crown. You can give this model its final form by making the rest of your hair in a bun at the back.

Side braided bun style

You can also use the braided bun models to show your thin hair. You can even give your hair extra volume by applying L'Oréal Paris Elnett Strong Hold and Extra Volume Hair Spray to the roots before styling your hair. Then you can braid all of your hair and loosen your braids after giving the bun model. Thus, your hair will appear much thicker and more voluminous.

Fishbone braided bun style

Those who can not give up the classic neck bun model can get a different look by combining the bun with a fishbone knitting style. If you are tired of always using the same hairstyle, you can make a different hair style with fishbone braids.

Reverse braided bun

If you like young hairstyles, you can try the reverse braid style. Braid your hair in a herringbone pattern starting from the neck and make a bun at the top. After making this hairstyle, you can make your bun permanent all day long by spraying plenty of hairspray. How about the hairstyle you've tried so hard to stand out with its sparkle? It is up to you to make your hair look perfect with Elnett Precious Argan Oil Strong Hold Hair Spray, which will give your hair both shine and stability! :)

Thick braided bun style

If you are just starting out with braided bun models, this model will be suitable for you. Cut a thick strand from the front of your hair and make the rest of it into a bun. Then, knit the split strand and join it with your bun. Finally, you can get a more natural look by loosening your braid.