Cool home-made hair bun styles for everyday

Cool home-made hair bun styles for everyday

It should not go by saying the house bun. Shabby house buns sometimes look way nicer than the buns we've worked around for minutes! If you are one of those who love house bun like us, welcome to the club! :)

If you want to make more glamorous house buns, you're in the right place. Let's take you to the rest of our article to read our article full of suggestions on how to use the house bun with little tips! 

Shabby look

One of the reasons the house bun looks so cool is that it's bohemian. In recent hair fashion, hair styles that look like home buns instead of hair buns that look structured and exaggerated now come to the fore. Maybe that's why we love the shabby house bun ! We can get cool looks with the house bun that we can do without even looking in the mirror!

Very cool

The message that the house bun is so cool is this: I don't care how my hair looks because my hair is always beautiful! Where is your side when it comes to the house bun where girls who are confident in themselves and their hair unite? :)

Quite practical to do

One of the reasons we love the house bun hairstyle so much (maybe the first) is that it's so easy. Twist your hair randomly and put on the hair band. That's it. After you have the house bun, you should definitely fix your hair with hair spray.  Thanks to Extra Strong Hold Spray , your hair bun will look permanent all day long .

Braided house bun

You can look more stylish by getting the braided style of the classic home bun on the days when you video call at home, Face Time . You can collect all the attention in your hair with this hairstyle. For this hairstyle, first braid your hair, then twist your hair into a bun. That's it! :)

How can you turn it into your cool bun?

Did you know you can turn the house bun into a cool bun? For this extremely cool hairstyle, first wave your hair. Then, make your hair in a bun at the nape of the neck and cover the scrunchie with a lock from the hair bun. Finally, give your hair a natural look by removing thin strands from the front of your hair.

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