Dark Caramel Hair Color Tips

Dark Caramel Hair Color Tips

Dark caramel hair colors are one of the rising trends recently. Especially if you prefer dark tones regardless of hair color and if you are looking for a different hair color, dark caramel hair color is the ideal shade for you.

If you want a different and cool change in hair color, how about taking a closer look at dark caramel hair color?

What color is dark caramel hair color?

Dark caramel hair color is a hair color with caramel reflections on light brown or dark auburn hair color. It is one of the most ideal hair colors for those who have natural hair color in brown or brown tones and want to try caramel hair color. Dark caramel hair color helps the skin to look more vivid and bright. Thanks to the warm caramel reflections in it, it gives the skin a natural glow. In short, if you want to give your look a bright and refreshed look, we suggest you give dark caramel hair a try.

Who will suit dark caramel hair color?

Dark caramel brown hair color is more suitable for those with brown and wheat skin color due to the warm reflections in it. Warm-toned caramel-colored reflections are in perfect harmony with these skin colors with warm sub-tones.

So what should those with fair skin color do? In our opinion, those with fair skin color should try lighter shades of caramel hair color. For example, honey caramel or cream caramel hair colors are the most suitable hair colors for them.
Editor's suggestion: If you have a light skin color, you can give a chance to one of the Casting Créme Gloss 7304 Honey Caramel or Casting Créme Gloss 732 Creme Caramel. You can have a super bright hair color with these 2 wonderful hair colors, which are also one of our favorites. Especially those who want to achieve a dizzying look will love it! :)

How to get dark caramel hair color?

You can achieve dark caramel brown hair color with dark caramel hair dye. However, it is very important that the hair color you choose gives your hair a rich and intense hair color. You have to be careful about the hair dye you use to bring out the caramel sparkles in the dark caramel hair color and to shine your hair color intensely. Our recommendation is Excellence Intense 6.32 Caramel Brown, which gives the hair a rich tone.

Excellence Intense hair dye, which offers colors that can be seen even on dark hair, enables us to achieve an intense sparkling hair color result. This cream dye with enriched 3-in-one care is one of the ideal choices to achieve a striking hair color.

When applying Excellence Intense 6.32 Caramel Brown hair dye, first pour the Hair Color Cream into the Oxidant Cream bottle and shake it well after closing the cap. Then apply the mixture all over your hair starting from the roots. After waiting for about 30 minutes, now it's time to rinse! After washing and rinsing your hair with the pH Balanced After Dye Care Shampoo in the dye box, you apply the No-Aging Mask. That's it! :)