Does fallen hair grow back?

Does fallen hair grow back?

There is only one question on the minds of everyone who starts to lose their hair: "Will the lost hair grow again?" Of course, the fact that your hair strands begin to fall out does not mean that you will be bald immediately.

You can control hair loss by discovering the causes of hair loss. We recommend that you get acquainted with the right hair care products to strengthen excessive hair strands and stop hair loss. You can solve the hair problem by considering our recommendations for shampoo, conditioner for hair loss and serum for hair loss.

Does fallen hair grow back?

Let's explain without leaving you curious. Yes, shed hair can come out again. If your hair follicles are still alive! In fact, each hair strand has a certain lifespan. It is very normal for the hair strands to lose their life. But if you lose more than 100 strands of hair a day or you see very dense hair on your pillow, something is wrong.

Hair loss can be caused by stress, environmental factors, hormonal reasons or the hair care products you use. Apart from these reasons, excessive hair loss problems may occur during seasonal changes. You need to use hair care products against hair loss in order to prevent hair loss from progressing and to replace hair with new ones. Using shampoos containing Aminexil instead of conventional shampoos will reduce hair loss.

Will the hair shed from stress grow back?

Hair loss due to stress is a situation we encounter frequently. Compare your hair loss with your condition a few months ago to see if your hair is falling out due to stress. If you think that you have lost your hair due to the stress you are experiencing, do not worry, because stress-induced hair loss is a very normal situation and when this situation is over, your hair can grow back.

While going through a stressful period, our hormones are affected first and our hair starts to fall out. To prevent this, you should use hair care products that will strengthen the hair follicles. Of course, we're not even saying that you should take the stressors out of your life (!). In addition to hair loss during stressful periods, you can see problems such as not growing your hair, breaking and weakening your hair while growing. For all of these problems, we recommend that you use an anti-hair loss serum that will strengthen your hair from the roots.

What should be done for the hair to come back?

To stop hair loss, you should update your hair care products first. Start using shampoo, conditioner and mask for hair loss by researching ingredients that are good for hair loss. In this process, stay away from procedures such as blow dryer, straightening, curlers that will weaken the hair strands and cause them to dry.

The best way to reduce hair loss is to use serum. You can see more effective results as the anti-hair loss serum penetrates directly into the hair follicles. To allow the hair follicles to breathe, do not collect your hair very tightly, and comb it frequently. We recommend that you avoid hot water when washing your hair, because washing with hot water can cause the hair strands to dry out and break faster. In this process, washing hair with cold water will support the strengthening of the hair strands.

Exmple: Aminexil Clinical Serum

You should immediately meet with the hair serum: Aminexil Clinical Serum, which we recommend for recurrent or new hair loss. Aminexil hair serum has been developed against hair loss with 5 active ingredients. Arginine, Aminexil, SPF 94, Octeine and Vichy Thermal Water in its formula stimulate the natural growth of hair and revitalize hair strands from root to tip. Since Aminexil Clinical hair serum strengthens the hair strands, your hair does not break quickly and they grow stronger. At the same time, thanks to its formula that supports new hair formation, shed hair begins to grow again. Hair loss victims have now found the hair loss serum they are looking for!