Easy hairstyles for teens in school ceremonies

Easy hairstyles for teens in school ceremonies

How about getting inspired by these easy hairstyles for the ceremony at school? Before you go to the ceremony at school, how would you like to try a special hairstyle for today?

We are sure that you will love the easy hairstyles that do not spoil for long hours and are practical to make! So let's get started! :)

Ribbon ponytail

In our first suggestion for you, one of the season trends, the ribbon trend is combined with the ponytail hairstyle! After gathering your hair at the top, wrap the ribbon around the rubber clasp. Then start wrapping the ribbon in your hair. Pull your hair on the empty parts to the side and expand it and you're ready! All your friends will love this easy and different hairstyle!

Braided ponytail

This hairstyle is especially suitable for gymnastics etc. If you are going to be in a show, it is for you! Gather your hair at the top, make a ponytail, and knit the ponytail in a classic 3-piece braid and secure it with a rubber clip. If you wish, you can complete your look by wearing a sporty headband.

Braided bun

If your hair is very long, it would be a good choice to choose bun hairstyles to avoid being overwhelmed by the heat at the ceremony. You can differentiate the usual classic top-up bun model by shaping it in a braided style. After making the ponytail at the top of your hair, divide the ponytail into 2 strands, make one strand into a bun, and knit the other strand. Then wrap the strand of your knitting around the bun and you're done!

Waterfall braid

Or do you want to leave your hair open instead of tying it up? Then the waterfall braid is just for you! With this hairstyle, you can prevent your hair from being seen, and you can make your hair move freely. To make this hairstyle, you can first get a water wavy look by applying tongs to your hair. Then start at the front of your hair, braid it back and secure it with a rubber barrette.

Editor's suggestion: We recommend that you seek help from Miraculous Oil Hair Beautifying Cream, so that your hair will take shape without frizz before the curling iron is applied, and not frizz throughout the day. This cream, which contains essential oils, also makes your hair shine and soft.

Double Bun hair

Are you looking for a hairstyle that you can pull off all your hair while also looking a little different? The twisted double bun hairstyle might be the hairstyle you are looking for! Part your hair in the middle and twirl both sides from the front. Then give this twist a bun look. You can fix it with single buckles to keep the twists intact.

Tip from the editor: To prevent the twists from spreading, you can use a hairspray with strong fixation before and after getting the augers. You can use our Studio Pro Lock It Stabilizing Strong Spray.

Knotty ponytail

The knotty ponytail hairstyle, which looks like a lot of work on it but is actually very practical, is one of our favorites with its sporty chic look! You can get help from a product such as a non-rinsing care cream before styling your hair so that this hairstyle can look smooth and smooth, and the tiny hair that spoils the appearance after the ponytail is formed.

Botanicals Fresh Care Argan and Safflower Nourishing Balm Cream, with its natural, paraben-free and silicone-free content, are among the most suitable non-rinsing care creams in our opinion! After applying this cream to the ends and lengths of your hair, you can achieve this look by collecting the ponytail with a rubber clip.

Heart braid

Again, it is one of those easy but easy hairstyles! After gathering the upper part of your hair and passing it inwards, you knit 2 braids in the ponytail. Then, with the help of wire clips, you give a heart shape and collect it again. Of course, if you straighten your hair before in this hairstyle, you can make the heart braid more prominent.

After straightening your hair and achieving the look, you need some shine and shine! Of course, you can do this with the help of shine sprays!

Braided half bun

We see the half bun in everyone, but its braided version is just starting to become a trend and if you want to be one of the first to try it out, it's time to try it out! Braid the front-middle of your hair to the top in a herringbone pattern. Then expand these braids by pulling them sideways. Finally, give the braid a bun look and secure it with a wire clip. It's that easy!