Everything you need to know about Afro hair!

Everything you need to know about Afro hair!

Afro hairstyles are popping up everywhere. Afro braids, afro waves and afro short hair ... Today we are getting these original hairstyles to our close brand!

We are now sharing our experiences, the hair products we use and all the tips you should pay attention to when making afro hair. After watching Afro hair videos , if you admire this Afro wave hairstyle like we do, go to the mirror and follow the steps below! :)

What is afro hair?

Afro hair style is curly hairstyle inspired by African women's hair. This hair fashion, which was started by African Jazz musicians in the 1950s, has increased its popularity until today. Afro hairstyles are now being made not only in Africa but all over the world .

With the rise of curly hair, Afro hair started to grab our attention even more. This hairstyle, which is curly from the bottom, can be interpreted differently. You better get used to hearing concepts like afro bun, afro wave, and afro braids!

Who is afro hair suitable for?

Afro hair is actually suitable for any hair type. You can do afro hair to any length of hair, regardless of hair length. Afro hair style  looks great even on short hair. If you have naturally curly hair, you are very lucky! It will be very easy to make an afro hairstyle for you. Straight hair can also make the afro hairstyle at home with the best hairspray and curling iron. 

Editor's suggestion: Afro hairstyle looks especially great on hair with golden reflections. If you like to use a curly hairstyle, you should go for hair colors with golden sparkles. Excellence Cream 6.32 Golden Light Brown One of the hair colors that best suits the Afro hairstyle. To get an intense and rich hair color, you should choose Excellence Cream hair dye.

How is afro hair done?

If your hair is curly from the bottom in an Afro wave style, you are very lucky. You can make an Afro hairstyle with just one hair product. Oil Amla Curl Clarifying Conditioner will be enough to define her curls and prevent frizzy hair from frizz . Thanks to the Amla oil in its content , your curls stay moist for 48 hours, do not become frizzy or frizzy. Oil Curl Defining Cream adds fullness to your hair, making it look voluminous just like Afro hair. You should apply this conditioner to your curly hair by massaging it from bottom to top.

If you have straight or wavy hair, you'll need a fine-tip curling iron. Divide your hair into thin strands and wrap it tightly in a thin curling iron. Not like making waves , you should wrap your hair from the bottom to the tip. Because the curly look in the Afro hairstyle starts from the bottom of her hair. 

After curling all the thin strands with a curling iron, you should use hairspray to fix your hair. You should use Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray to keep your frizzy hair stable all day long and keep your curls from falling down. hair spray does not dry and harden your hair while keeping the curls stable throughout the day. The stiffness after applying hairspray does not happen with Elnett sprays , we tell you!

How to care for afro hair?

Moisturizing your hair is very important in curly hair care! Dry curly hair becomes electrified and does not take shape. You should keep your curly hair away from hot water in summer and winter, and you should not dry your hair with a towel. After showering, wrap your hair in a cotton T-shirt and let it dry naturally. 

Editor's suggestion:  If you want to give this brand new look a new color, you can try the dark ashy blonde color from season trends. We love the harmony of blonde and curly hair. Excellence Creme 8.1 Dark Blonde Ashy color will look very cool on an Afro hairstyle. You should use the shampoo and conditioner that comes in the box of Excellence Creme to care for your colored hair . So your new hair color looks vibrant and shiny for longer.