Girls' Hair Braiding Styles and How to Make

Girls' Hair Braiding Styles and How to Make

Special knitted hair models for girls. How to make braided hairstyles? It is much easier to practice braiding on children's hair than to braid our own hair! Styling children's silky hair is much more enjoyable than adult hair.

Children's knitting models are ideal for school children! To prevent your hair from coming to your face and to make it feel comfortable all day long, you should look at the girls braid models. Read on to learn easy children's braids and master children's hairstyles that can be done at home.

Egyptian braid Cornrows

Corn braid is one of our favorite children's braids! Corn braid is the name given to the braid model in which the hair is thinly braided, just like corn grains. Those who are looking for girl braid hairstyles should definitely learn the corn braid. After advancing this knitting technique, you can also make corn braids yourself. If you have a long-haired son, you can also use braids in boy hairstyles.

How to make Cornrows

For a corn braid, you should move forward by adding strands of hair from the front of your hair to the braid. Add thin strands of hair from the right and left of your hair to your braid, and so on until the ends of the hair. For the corn braid, you should buy fine tresses.

Herringbone braid

It is very enjoyable to braid a girl's hair! One of the easiest hairstyles is the herringbone braid. If you are looking for an easy and fun style with children's braids, herringbone hairstyle will suit you. You can do the herringbone weave on special occasions or when attending events such as weddings and engagements.

How to make Herringbone braid

You can make the herringbone weave in a single braid or in pairs. Herringbone weave is very similar to the classic braid. You just need to add strands of hair from the right and left sides to your braid as you move through the herringbone. Before starting the herringbone braid, you shouldn't forget to apply Oil Cream to your hair.

Basket braiding hair

If you want to learn children's braids, you should definitely know the basket weave. Basket braids are called braids that wrap around the head. This hairstyle is suitable for long hair. After braiding your hair, you should wrap it around the head like a basket. The more relaxed and loose the braids are, the more comfortable they will be.

How to make Basket braiding

For a basket weave, start braiding your hair around your head. While braiding the braid, you can fix the basket weave around the head by including the hair strands around the hair. To keep the knit stable throughout the day, you can spray a fixative spray.

Waterfall braid hairstyle

If you're looking for a fun style for a kid braid hairstyle, how about a waterfall braid look? Waterfall braids help kids' hair look bulk all day long. Waterfall braids will be a very practical hairstyle for school girls.

How to make Waterfall braid

The construction of the waterfall braid is reminiscent of the classical braid. Start braiding your hair from one ear to the other. Give your hair a waterfall look by removing a lock of hair from the braid at each step. You can wave your underlying hair to make your hair look cooler.

Fishbone braid hairstyles

We have a sweet or sweet suggestion for children's hairstyles! One of the best hairstyles for girls is the fishbone braid. Those who are looking for knitting models for girls should take a look at fishbone knitting models. Fishbone braids are usually made as a single braid, but if you like to try different knitting models, you can try double or triple fishbone braids.

How to make Fishbone braid hairstyles

As you can see, it is very easy to make fishbone braids! You can use Elseve Miraculous Care Oil to keep your daughter's hair looking and nourished all day long.