Hair extensions guide for curly hair

Hair extensions guide for curly hair

We explain how you can grow your curly hair! We love the vibrant and energetic look of curly hair, but whenever we meet someone with curly hair, their hair burns.

In addition to puffing and not taking shape, the most important thing is that it is difficult to stretch.  If you have curly hair, you might have experienced these problems and maybe more. editors united for curly hair and prepared an article full of the most suitable solutions, care suggestions and small tips for you. You can also extend their curly hair and want to do the right care to let us continue our writing you :)

Things to watch out for when growing your curly hair

You have to take care of your hair follicles

As you know, your hair growth starts with healthy hair follicles. Curly hair and scalp often tend to dry out. Because curls do not envelop the scalp like straight hair, so the scalp cannot meet the nutrients it needs. For this reason, curly hair faces the problem of dryness. 

To nourish the hair follicles, you can get help from special series Dream Long for those who have long hair and want to grow hair . Dream Long, which contains castor oil, herbal keratin and vitamins, ensures healthy hair growth. Thus, your hair that grows without breaking or weakening looks very well-groomed.

You should stay away from heat

It is now known by everyone that heat has a drying effect on hair. Styling your hair with a curling iron or straightener can cause your hair to dry out. You can imagine how hard your dry hair grows. Therefore, instead of heat styling your hair, you can style it with mousse or gel. 

After washing your hair, you should wait for it to dry itself instead of drying it with a hair dryer. When you have to heat or dry your hair, you can apply Dream Long Bye Bye Scissors Hair Care Cream to the ends and lengths of your hair to repair your hair and protect your hair by preventing split formation.

How should your hair care be when you're growing your curly hair?

You should clean your curly hair with shampoo every time you wash it and condition it with a conditioner. If you want to grow your hair, you should always massage the shampoo . Thus, the blood circulation in the scalp will accelerate and your hair strands will grow faster.

When applying the conditioner, you should first divide your hair into 3-4 equal strands in the shower. Then, you should comb each strand with your fingers and apply the conditioner. Thus, the conditioner will be able to penetrate between the hair strands. Instead of rubbing your hair with a towel after you get out of the shower, you should wrap it in an old t-shirt and wait for it to absorb moisture. 

You can get healthier and more well-groomed hair by applying Long Hair Rescue Mask to your curly hair once or twice a week.

Which haircut should you choose while growing your hair?

One of the most sensitive issues with curly hair is haircut. The wrong haircut can make your hair look fluffy and do not take shape. The best haircut for curly hair is layered cuts. Beware of! When you want to have a folded haircut, you should not have your hair cut. 

Scissors make your hair look dull. In a curly haircut, the layers should be at and below the ear. When your layers are too high, your hair will always look fluffy.