Hair mesotherapy! Everything you need to know

Hair mesotherapy! Everything you need to know

Has an intense shedding started in your hair? You should research hair mesotherapy to control hair loss. Hair mesotherapy reduces hair loss as it strengthens the hair from root to tip and helps hair grow thicker.

You should take a look at the comments of those who have had hair mesotherapy in order to achieve vibrant, lush and voluminous hair.

What is hair mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is a hair care that reduces hair loss and provides the nutrients it needs directly. Hair mesotherapy is performed in a clinical setting under the control of a specialist. How many sessions of hair mesotherapy you need will be shared with you after checking the density of your hair.

In hair mesotherapy, nutrients and vitamins important for hair follicles are prepared in the form of a cocktail and injected into the scalp. This vitamin cocktail, which is injected directly into the hair follicles, accelerates the blood circulation and quickly spreads all over the scalp. Thus, your hair strands will be strengthened with an inner support.

How is hair mesotherapy done?

Hair mesotherapy is performed to reduce hair loss caused by seasonal changes, hormonal or environmental factors. Before hair mesotherapy, the cause of hair loss is investigated. After the needs of your scalp and hair follicles are determined, a special vitamin cocktail is prepared for you. This vitamin supplement, consisting of multivitamins, minerals and amino acids, is injected into the scalp. Thanks to these nutrients that your hair needs, the hair follicles that are asleep will awaken and your thin hair will look healthier by getting thicker.

Those who have hair mesotherapy usually say that it creates effective results between 4-6 sessions. Depending on the intensity of hair loss, you should keep the session interval between 10 days and 22 days.

Who is suitable for hair mesotherapy?

It is said to be suitable for those with the following hair problems. However, those who want to have the application should definitely consult a specialist beforehand.

  • Male pattern hair loss
  • Hair loss on the forehead
  • Ringworm disease
  • Postpartum hair loss
  • Female pattern hair loss
  • Hair loss due to psoriasis

What are the benefits of hair mesotherapy?

When we look at the comments of those who have hair mesotherapy, we see that the biggest benefit is that it makes the hair strands thicker and makes the hair look healthier. Since hair mesotherapy directly affects the hair follicles, it awakens the hair follicles that are asleep and enables the lifeless hair strands to grow thicker.

Nowadays, there are many advantages of hair mesotherapy applied to both women and men. It serves the purpose of “becoming thicker and preventing hair loss”. The benefits of hair mesotherapy can be summarized as follows;

• Thickening of hair bristles

• Increasing the life of the hair

• Minimizing hair loss

• New hair grows in a better quality

• Achieving a voluminous hair form

Hair mesotherapy before and after comments

To see the benefits of mesotherapy on hair, it is necessary to have at least 4 sessions regularly. One session of mesotherapy will not be enough for hair care. After the mesotherapy sessions recommended by the doctor, you may notice that your hair is getting stronger step by step and the areas with hair loss are reviving.

The difference in hair density before and after mesotherapy becomes evident after an average of 6 months. Your lifeless and spilled hair will start to recover a few months after mesotherapy.