How can I make my hair wavy easily?

How can I make my hair wavy easily?

Easy ways to achieve natural wavy hairstyles! We explain the way to achieve natural wavy hairstyles! Use natural products for natural looks! Natural wavy look with blow dryer

While some of us prefer messy waves that look as if they have never been touched, some of us want to have waves and curls that look bright, distinct but still natural ! Which side are you on? In fact, whichever look you choose, you can achieve natural waves by nourishing your hair with natural ingredients .

Use natural products for natural looks!

In order to create naturally wavy looks and distinct curls, it is very important that your hair looks smooth after styling . Although the resulting waves look shabby, electrified, puffy, dry hair does not look very nice. For this reason, we recommend that you style your hair with products that nourish it . In particular , we recommend you to choose products that contain natural ingredients that shape the hair without weighing it down. While these products allow you to control your hair much more easily, they also nourish your hair with their natural ingredients and allow you to achieve more pronounced waves and curls. You can start with the naturally sourced products we recommend below !

Natural wavy look with blow dryer

If you want your natural waves to be prominent, you can style your hair with the help of a blow dryer. However, we recommend that you use a styling cream first, which will protect your hair from heat and ensure smooth waves. You can get help from Aura Botanica Lait de Soie , frizz-free conditioning milk with argan oil and coconut oil . Your waves will look great with this product that allows us to reach smooth hair for 96 hours without silicone, paraben!

Heatless beach wavy look

We love the bohemian vibe of beachy wavy hair ! You can also get help from Aura Botanica Eau de Vague beach wave spray to achieve a wavy look as if out of the sea. This spray, which creates a beach wave effect on the hair, is applied on wet hair. It does not feel dry in hair, crackling like other beach wave sprays. Your waves are soft and look natural. Of course, it smells delicious too! :)

Prominent curls

Let's come to clarify the curls of curly hair. You want your curls to be frizzy and distinct, but after styling your hair, you get a puffy, electrified look, right? What you need is the styling cream that highlights your curls without making them hard!

Pre-electrified curls like in the video above gain a very distinctive appearance with Aura Botanica Créme de Boucles curl enhancer cream. Containing Murumuru Oil and Mexican Aloe Vera extracts, you can apply this conditioner while your curls are wet, let them dry and then enjoy their luscious curls!