How to care for hair with bangs?

How to care for hair with bangs?

How to care for some of the indispensable haircuts and the bangs that some of them run away from? Hair with bangs can look much better with good care.

There are various bang haircuts such as long, short, A-cut, bouncy and straight, and once you find the style that fits your face shape, you may never give up. In fact, I think bangs even give a more energetic, youthful look. But there is a small problem: bangs are unfortunately not just wash-out haircuts and require a little care.

If you also have bangs and wonder how to care for, protect, and shape, here are my suggestions!

You should entrust the cut of your bangs to professional hands

You, too, were surprised how quickly your hair grows after you get a haircut, right? To keep the bangs look, you should get a haircut every 3 weeks. Of course, you may want to cut it yourself at home when you realize that it grows so quickly. In fact, "Nothing will happen if I fix it with a little scissors." You may also be thinking. However, I would never recommend trying this because the result will most likely be disappointing!

Use hair care products that don't weigh your hair down

You may need to pay a little more attention to hair care than usual after you have a bang. Bangs can become oily and heavy more quickly than the rest of your hair. For this reason, you should take care to use hair care products that will prevent your hair from getting heavy, but that can also provide care. I can recommend the Miraculous Clay Non-Weighing Care series in terms of making your hair with bangs light like a feather.

Apply conditioner to your bangs

Conditioner is indispensable in our hair care routine! But if you want your bangs to be bulky, you should avoid applying the conditioner to your bangs. Instead, you can use the Complete Repair 5 Double Care Potion to easily comb out your bangs. Since it is in a spray form, this hair care product will soften the hair without aggravating it.

Hair Styling tips:

Style your hair right out of the bath

You better start sculpting your bangs as soon as you get out of the bath. After a bath, it dries much faster than the rest of the hair with bangs, which can cause frizz and frizz. That's why you have to remove moisture with a towel and move on to the styling phase with a round blow dryer and blow dryer.

Apply fixing hair spray to the bottom of your bangs

Since the bangs are very close to the forehead, when your forehead is oiled, its shape can be distorted. In order to prevent this, you can apply Kérastase Fix Fabulous fixative hair spray, which will protect your hair against electrification for 24 hours, from the bottom of your bangs to the bottom, holding the spray horizontally. This spray that does not harden the hair and leaves no residue on the hair is also my favorite!

Style your hair with right / left movements

If you style your bangs with a blow-dry brush, not straight to the front, but to the right and left sides, you can preserve their volume.You should stop shaping the hair after applying moisturizer, because the products you apply may cause your hair to become oily and heavier.