How to Care ombre hair color

How to Care ombre hair color

If you haombre hair colorve been following hair trends closely, you have seen how popular ombre hair is. Well, do you know how to care-protect ombre hair?

If you want your hair to look vibrant and shiny like the first day after having ombre, you need to change your hair care routine. We will now make 5 golden suggestions for you to maintain your ombre hair color. We are sure you will thank us very much after implementing these suggestions.

1- Protect from heat

Heat styling and drying your hair is one of the biggest enemies of hair strands. Instead of blow-drying your hair, you should wait for it to dry naturally. Or you can use cold air hair dryers.

2- Use cold water

To maintain your ombre hair color, we recommend using cold water. To maintain the ombre hair color, we recommend that you do not wash your hair with very hot water. Too hot water may damage the structure of the hair as well as cause deterioration in hair color. Instead, washing the hair with cold or warm water helps strengthen the hair strands and most importantly, make the ombre hair color appear brighter.

3- Use purple shampoo

When washing your colored hair, you should pay attention to whether the shampoo and conditioner you use are suitable for colored hair. You may notice that the ombre will fade in a short time, as regular shampoos will not help you maintain hair color. Especially if there are unwanted orange reflections between their hair ... After bleaching the hair color, there may be color differences in very warm tones such as orange and red. To neutralize these, we recommend using Color-Vive Anti-Orangeening Purple Shampoo. The purple pigments in the purple shampoo neutralize the warm reflections by turning the hair color into a more ashy tone. You can complete the ombre hair care by using purple shampoo in addition to the special shampoo for dyed hair once a week.

4- Don't forget the purple hair mask

To complete the effect of purple shampoo, you should use a purple mask once a week. Color Vive Color Correcting Purple Mask makes your hair look softer and brighter, while at the same time turning the warm reflections on your hair into an ashy tone. Thus, the orange reflections shining through the ombre disappear. The purple mask, which has an effect from the first use, makes the hair color cooler, making the ombre look more flawless. Apply the purple mask only on hair lengths and ends. At the end of the time, rinse with plenty of water.

5- Choose special care for colored hair

Make sure that your shampoo and conditioner are produced for dyed hair so that the hair color remains vibrant for a long time. If you want your colored hair to look brighter and vibrant like the first day, you should use the Color Vive Color Saver Series. Using color-protecting shampoo and conditioner in every wash prevents fading of yellow tones in your hair and gives your hair extra shine.

Make sure to use your colored hair shampoo in every wash. Once a week, you can make your hair look cooler by using a purple shampoo and mask in addition to color shampoo.