How to make a Rope Braid?

How to make a Rope Braid?

Those who wonder how to make rope braids and how to use them with different hair models, here! We will tell you how to make the rope weave, the more cool it looks, the more practical it is to make.

Rope braid: Basically, rope braids, which are formed by adding 2 twists on top of each other, have recently taken their place on the podiums.

A taut gathered ponytail and rope braided hair that looks flawless look so cool! Although it is mostly used with ponytails, it can be used with bun or open hair models. It adds a different atmosphere to hairstyles.

How to make a rope braid?

As you can see above, the hair is split into two strands and twisted, and then the twists are added one on top of the other. Finally, the knitting is fixed with a rubber buckle. We are sure that you are worried that these augers will open. However, it will not open because the twisters are entangled and tightly twisted. If you ask us, you can use oil-containing conditioning cream before braiding your hair so that the rope weave does not deteriorate and the hair does not become electrified after braiding.

How to make a rope braided bun

Using the rope braid, you can sign various hairstyles. Thanks to its easy preparation, we are sure that you will be ready in a few minutes! First, collect your hair at the top and create a ponytail. Then split the ponytail into 2 strands and form a rope weave with tufts.

Make the weave look wider by pulling the braids formed afterwards to the side. You can wrap the braid around the rubber buckle and secure it with wire buckles. If you have tiny electrifying hair, you can apply a spray on it and fix it lightly with your hand. This way your bun will look much more flawless.

How is half rope braid made?

You can also use the rope braid with an open hairstyle. However, we recommend that you straighten your hair beforehand to make this hairstyle look neat. After straightening your hair, braid 2 strands from the front of your hair in the form of a rope braid and fix the ends with a transparent rubber clip (if you use a rubber clip in different colors, the integrity of the appearance may be distorted, so you better use a transparent rubber clip).

Colorful rope braid

When you divide your hair into 2 strands to make a rope braid, you can dye one of the strands in a different color to achieve a very stylish look. By using Hot Pink color, you can have permanent pink hair for 1 day. Then when you braid her hair in a rope braid, your pink hair will look great in the braids!

How to make a crown rope braid?

We liked the cute look that comes with the combination of crown braid and rope braid! :) You can also achieve this sweet look by separating your hair on both sides, knitting it as a rope braid, then combining the braids at the top and fixing them with wire clips.