How to Make Bright Skin Makeup?

How to Make Bright Skin Makeup?

The rising trend of recent times: We explain step by step how to make bright, bright and bright skin make-up! Bright skin appearance means a lively, moist and healthy glowing skin.

It's time to put this makeup trend on the table, which has been on the rise lately! We have brought together all the makeup tips and make-up suggestions you need to know to get rid of the pale look and make your skin look healthier, more vibrant, energetic and radiant. Here is everything you need to know for bright skin makeup!

How to Make Bright Skin Makeup?

Brightening makeup base

The first thing you need for bright skin makeup is to use a glittery makeup base that will give your skin a luminous effect. Thus, your skin will have a glow from within. Face Studio Prime Illuminating Makeup Base gives a very natural glow to the skin with its luminous formula. You can take the first step of bright skin makeup by applying this make-up base to your entire skin before the foundation step.

Moist finish foundation

Another important point of bright skin make-up is to prefer foundations with a moist finish. Since we want a radiant, bright and lively effect on the skin, you should use foundations that have moisturizing properties for bright skin and do not make the skin matte. For this, it cannot be better than Affinitone Foundation. It gives a flawless appearance to the skin with vitamin E, argan oil and natural-toned pigments in its formula. Affinitone foundation is our favorite for bright skin make-up, as it makes the skin look moist and natural without creating a mask effect.

Shine with liquid illuminators

Liquid illuminators, which we love to use in bright skin make-up, are perfect to support the natural glow we have created up to this step. You can get a much more natural effect with liquid illuminators instead of applying powder illuminator on the moist finished foundation. Master Strobing Liquid Liquid Illuminator gives a very strong and natural glow thanks to its pearl reflection. You can even mix this illuminator into your foundation to get a shiny effect if you don't have a moist-finished foundation on hand.

Bright eye makeup

To take your bright skin make-up to the next level, you can also choose metallic finish cream eyeshadows for eye makeup. You can complete the shine on your skin by applying monochrome eye makeup with a natural metallic toned cream eye shadow.

Glossy finish makeup spray

Let's come to the last step: You can use a bright finish make-up spray to achieve a radiant and bright finish on your skin and at the same time protect this look from deterioration throughout the day.

You have great complexion makeup but when you take off your makeup do you see a pale skin look? Actually, this is the problem for all of us, especially we have a great suggestion to fix the pale look we see in the mirror after removing our makeup. Rose Water Perfect Make-Up Cleansing & Shine cleans make-up in one step thanks to its formula enriched with rose water, while at the same time giving the skin a radiant look.