How to style wavy hair with a water bottle?

1. Wavy hair with a water bottle

Wavy hair with a water bottle
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We apply tongs, blow dry, wrap our hair in curlers… Now, there is a method we often see on social media: waving hair with a water bottle ! we immediately researched this styling method and learned how it is applied. We wanted to share what we learned with you. For those who are curious, let's continue our article!

Of course, waves like blow dry are not very permanent. Therefore, you can increase the permanence by using a styling product. In order to stabilize the wave in your hair and make the waves more pronounced, it is more appropriate to use a styling foam support. We especially recommend that you prefer styling foams that will make your hair wavy without making it heavy and hard. 

For example, you can get help from styling foam , which is one of  our favorites lately  . Although this styling foam provides a long-lasting effect on the hair, it does not make the hair hard and your waves look very soft. You can apply this foam before styling with the bottle.

The ultimate in hair styling: make a wavy hair with a water bottle. Are those here wondering about this brand new hairstyling technique?