Karlie Kloss and her dazzling look!

Karlie Kloss and her dazzling look!

Beautiful model Karlie Kloss is on our close brand! The Oscar Ceremony, the most prestigious award on the screen, was held in Los Angeles on February 26. The scandal experienced overnight was never to be forgotten! The false announcement of the "Best Picture Award" and the turmoil on the stage shocked the audience and guests.

The most special moments of the night were of course the elegance race of the famous stars who appeared on the red carpet! However, there was only one star that caught our attention; famous model Karlie Kloss! How about taking a closer look at the beautiful model's red carpet elegance?

Karlie kloss

Beautiful model Karlie Kloss wore different dresses at the ceremony and after Party. The beauty ambassador Karlie Kloss, who first opted for a long, white, cape detailed dress, looked like a swan in this dress.

Karlie Kloss's choice for After Party was red! Karlie Kloss, wearing a one-shoulder, lace-detailed dress, looked great on this dress.

The blonde beauty Karlie Kloss, who wears the same hairstyle with both of her outfits, preferred Hollywood's famous “vintage wavy hairstyle.” This hairstyle was perfect for Karlie's Honey Foam-toned hair! If you want to get her hair color, Casting You can try the Créme Gloss Honey Foam shade!

If you want to get Karlie's hairstyle, you can follow the steps below:

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Second step: After drying your hair with a blow dryer, create big waves with the help of a wide-tipped curling iron.

Third step: Once the waves have formed, part your hair from the sides as possible and apply the nourishing oil cream once more to the ends and lengths of your hair. Here are the stunning Hollywood waves!