Layered cut models for medium hair

Layered cut models for medium hair

Are you looking for a modern and practical model for your hair that you are tired of using the same style all the time? Layered haircuts for medium hair might be for you.

If you have medium hair, read this article we have compiled for you without wasting time and find which layered cut is suitable for your medium hair! We seem to hear him saying “I'm tired of always using the same hairstyle”! For medium hair, we suggest you the layered haircut.

Lob haircut

Lob, the "long bob" haircut models, which stand out with their modern cut and attract with their practicality, have already entered our favorite haircuts, as they suit every face type. You can get a dynamic look by cutting the back part of the long bob, which is short at the front and slightly longer at the back.

Bob Hair Cut

Practical, cool and just as popular; of course bob cut! You can add layers to the front or back of your hair. We recommend that you try this haircut, which will suit your layered hair and does not need to have hair as long as a lobe, by parting your hair in the middle.

Fringe haircut

The fringe, which is a combined combination of the old and the new, will allow you to get a brand new look in your model hair! When you want to add layers to the fronts of your hair, you can choose bangs.
Our suggestion is that you should try the ballerina bun model, which is popular with its stylish stance as well as practicality, with this cut!

Messy wavy hair

Especially if you have naturally wavy hair, don't let it touch your joy; Your hair is ready in 5 minutes, including styling! In our opinion, the crown braid model will create a full princess crown effect on you among the layered hair! Tip from the editor: You can apply Kérastase Spray A Porter to make your waves look messy.

Straight Hair

This model, which you should evaluate depending on the structure of your hair, can help you to define the layers of your layered hair even more. Enjoy your straight hair, especially if your hair is in natural tones, one of the leading trends of this season!
Editor's suggestion: You can use Miraculous Oil Hair Beautifying Cream to keep your hair looking straight and keep it frizzy.

Intense Wavy / Curly Hair

Here is another hairstyle that will suit medium hair in layered cut! You can achieve more pronounced curls with the balayage you will apply according to the hair color and you can enchant everyone with your magnificent shine!

Micro Bangs hair style

We say to think twice before taking a short cut of the micro-bang model, which is very good for the person but does not suit the person who does not look good at all! You can use this assertive bang model, which takes it to the 1950s with its vintage look, by making a messy bun and add air to the mood!

Long Bangs Haircut

Moving bangs will add a completely different air to your hair in layered cut! Well, haven't you tried the ponytail and bangs combination yet?