Layered haircuts for long hair

Layered haircuts for long hair

We hope you can easily find your favorite among the layered haircuts! If you are a long hair fan, you know the wonderful things about having long hair!

Having long hair means that we can easily get the hairstyle we want (braid, bun…) in our hair. You can also differentiate these hairstyles with various haircuts. By choosing layered cuts in your long hair, you can add volume to your hair and help your hair to be thicker by cutting regularly. How about learning how you want a layered cut now? We've put together our favorite layered haircuts for inspiration. We hope you can easily find your favorite among these haircuts! :)

Fuzzy layered haircut

Faintly layered hair is ideal for voluminous and wavy hair! If you have light layers in your hair, we recommend that you get sea waves with a tong and give it a shabby look. You will love this hairstyle, which is also very practical for daily use!

Dense, prominent layered cut

You can try to make your layered haircut a little more defined to increase the dramatic effect on your hair. The plus of this haircut is that you get rid of split ends without losing the long look you want! When you style it with a broken blow dryer, the folds will appear in your hair and your voluminous hair will amaze everyone!
Editor's suggestion: Hair may break because it needs nourishment. When you moisturize and nourish it well, you can reach much more well-groomed hair.

V-layered haircut

In the V-layered haircut, the layers start at the front of the hair and extend towards the back. In our opinion, it is one of the ideal haircuts to reveal the length of your hair.

U-layered haircut

In the U-layered haircut, the layers are extended to the back, but the layers have softer lines. When used with blow dryers pulled inwards, a very cool look emerges.

Layered cut on light hair

Layered cuts look eye-catching on long and light-colored hair! It is possible to use this handy haircut with your hair open or full, perfectly. The hairstyle choice is entirely up to your taste and no matter how you style your hair, your layers will look perfect.

Layered cut on dark hair

Dark hair looks great with long layered cuts! The folds on the front will frame your face, and the folds on the back will look amazing from any angle. If you choose this cut, you have to make sure your hair looks shiny and healthy.