Long bob hair: 1 haircut, 3 different hairstyles

Long bob hair: 1 haircut, 3 different hairstyles

If you can't decide how to style your hair in a long bob cut, here are our suggestions! If we researched what is one of the trendiest hairstyles right now, the result is probably a "long bob cut"!

We have started to see very often that the '' long bob '' haircut is always used in the same styles, as in every new trend hairstyles. If your hair is a long bob too, or if you already prefer this cut and want to enhance your hairstyle, we have some special ideas for you! Just for the summer season, you need to try a little more creative, different and new hair styles, what do you think?

1. The wavy long bob

We love wavy hairstyles! And it looks great no matter what hair length; of course also in the long bob! You can straighten your hair before waving it for a smoother look. Then, for some volume, apply styling mousse and use a wide-tip tong to create large curls. But before doing all this, don't forget to apply a heat protectant hairspray to protect your hair from heat.

2. Wet looking hair

Wet-looking hair, one of the most modern hairstyles of recent times, is an extremely sophisticated look when applied to long bob-cut hair! After straightening and combing your hair back, apply a strong hold hairspray to the front of your hair. You can use barrettes to hold your hair above your ear. Finally, apply the hairspray generously to all of your hair. You can be sure that you will attract attention with this hairstyle that you can use both for day and night!

3.Semi-bulk hair

If you want to try a different and new model, the half bun hairstyle is for you! There are many semi-bun hairstyles but this hairstyle is quite different from others. Divide your hair into two parts, top and bottom, gather the upper strand into a bun and secure with a rubber clip. You don't need to strive for it to be neat because messy gives a much more bohemian feel.