Long In Front Short In Back Hair Cut Styles

Long In Front Short In Back Hair Cut Styles

Long In Front Short In Back: We are sure that among those who read this article, the vast majority have tried the short back long hair model. The asymmetrical bob haircut, which was very popular in the 90s, maintains its same trend.

The short back long haircut, which gives the face a more modern, charismatic and attractive look, is a candidate to be among the classic haircuts! If you haven't tried the bob cut yet, you can take inspiration from the article we prepared for you. We have compiled everything you wonder about the short back long hair model for you in this article.

What is a Long In Front Short In Back?

Actually all the details of the asymmetrical haircut are hidden in the name. The back of this haircut is shorter than the front. The blunt haircut gets longer as it moves forward, thus making the face look slimmer. Long back short haircuts are generally preferred for short and medium hair. Asymmetrical hairstyle is not suitable for long hair.

The front long back short hairstyle entered our lives in the 90's and almost never came out again. This haircut is very popular because it is so popular and it creates a contouring effect on the face. Usually, those who try the bob haircut do not give up on this model again. If you are looking for a haircut that will suit your facial features and make your face look thinner, you should try a long front long back short haircut as soon as possible.

Who would suit short-back long haircuts?

The reason why long haircuts with short backs are so popular is that they suit almost every face type! Especially anyone who wants to show their face thinner, who wants to shape their facial features and want to hide their cheeks a little, prefers short back long hair models.

Asymmetrical bob haircuts are most suited to angular facial features. This haircut looks softer on rectangular, heart and triangle shaped facial features and balances facial features. If you have a small and round face, not asymmetrical, but a blunt bob haircut will look better on you.

Short back long haircut models

The classic bob cut

The most common short-back long-front hairstyle is the classic bob-length cut. Those who wear this haircut look younger and more dynamic than they are. The reason why the asymmetrical haircut is so loved is that it's so easy to style! To keep your hair looking shiny all day long, you should apply the Hair Beautifying Miraculous Oil Cream to the lengths and ends of your hair. The no-rinse conditioner, which helps your hair to take shape easily, will give your hair shine all day long and reveal the new haircut.

The opposite: long back short hairstyle with front

If you like short hairstyles, you can choose pixie haircuts with long back and short front. This hairstyle reveals the opposite without hiding the face. For this reason, we recommend the pixie short hairstyle for small-faced women with rounded facial features. If you want to try a cooler hair color after cutting your hair pixie, you should definitely try dark blonde. Excellence Creme Hair Color 8 Dark Blonde completely hides the whites in your hair and provides intense coverage. Dark blonde hair color, which is one of the trends of this year, goes well with short haircuts.

Voluminous haircut

If you like voluminous hairstyles, the short back long hair style will suit you well! Because this hairstyle makes the hair look more voluminous and fuller than it is. Asymmetrical haircuts are generally straight cuts without layers. Since there is no fold in your hair, you can look fuller and voluminous, if you do the moisture and care your hair needs! For our friends who want to make their hair look fuller, we recommend Complete Repair 5 Shampoo. This shampoo, which repairs the fractures and wear on the hair ends, helps the hair to look more groomed.

Short back long front hairstyle for weddings

When you are going to a special invitation or wedding, you can choose a short back long hairstyle. This wedding haircut that never goes out of style will make you look so cool even years later!

Bob cut for wavy hair

Those with wavy hair are often afraid of getting their hair cut short. If you think that the wave of your hair is irregular and hair styling will be difficult, you haven't met Miraculous Oil Amla Curl Clarifying Conditioner yet! A leave-in conditioner containing amla oil provides the moisture your hair needs, emphasizing its waves and making it look fuller. You can prepare your wavy hair and leave the house in 5 minutes without the need for heat styling.

Asymmetrical cut

If you want to make the front long back short hair look more classic, we recommend the blunt haircut. This way, your hair will not have folds and your haircut will look more defined.

Masculine bob cut

For a masculine bob cut, you need to style your entire hair back. Wet finish hair fixing spray is ideal for this hairstyle! The masculine bob cut suits special occasions very well.

Vintage cut

Those who want vintage haircuts should definitely try the asymmetrical haircut that was popular in the 90s. This haircut goes well with full hair. You should maintain the moisture balance of your voluminous hair by paying attention to hair care.

Medium haircut

If you're looking for a more modern, classic hairstyle that will never go out of style, you should try the medium length long bob haircut. It is very popular to leave the front long in the front and short in the back in this haircut!

Attractive bob cut

If you want to look attractive, you should definitely combine black hair color with short back long hair model.

Asymmetrical cut for curly hair

If you are using an asymmetrical haircut for curly hair, keep it from the side of the hair styler! After all, you will have to wear this hairstyle openly.