Long straight hairstyles. Classic and Cool straight hairstyles

Long straight hairstyles. Classic and Cool straight hairstyles

Long and straight hair is one of our favorite classic hairstyles! We love the long, straight hair and straight haircut, which are the leading cool and trendy hairstyles.

If you can not give up classic hairstyles like us, you can find yourself in this article. It's time to answer the questions you ask us the most, such as straight haircuts and straight hairstyles!

Who is long straight hair good for?

Long straight hair comes first among the coolest hairstyles that suit every face type. This long hairstyle, which can be used both day and night, will turn all attention to your hair. If you have naturally straight hair, you're in luck, or don't worry at all! With the help of a hair straightener, you can easily get the straight hair you want.

Where to use long straight hair?

You can use the long straight hairstyle anywhere. You can choose your straight hair at school or even at weekend concerts.
We strongly recommend that you apply the heat protectant spray or cream before straightening your hair. You should not forget to protect your hair from high heat at all times. After applying the heat protectant to your hair, you can start straightening it. Due to heat and humidity, your hair may become wavy and swollen. We recommend fixing your hair with hairspray to avoid frizz.

This year's trend is long straight hair!

The long straight hair trend, which is also prominent in fashion shows, is very popular this year! If you want to add a change to the classic hairstyle, you can also get help from colorful hair accessories. In just a few steps, you can have a completely different look.

Care is a must for smooth straight hair!

You should not neglect your hair care so that your long and straight hair looks soft and shiny. The effect of hot air in the summer and the damage caused by the cold air in the winter are known by everyone. You should take care of your hair care so that you do not have to cut your hair that is worn out during seasonal changes.

One of the ways to protect your hair from the sun on hot days is to use a UV protection spray. By spraying sunscreen spray on your hair before and after the sun, you can protect your hair from the sun and get a natural look.

How do you maintain your long hair?

The biggest problem of long hair is the ends that break as it grows and naturally the hairdresser's ways to go every month ... What if we found a way to grow our straight and long hair without getting a cut? Thanks to Elseve Dream Long series, our hair grows in a healthy way without breaking the ends. The content of castor oil, herbal keratin and vitamins in this series ensures that our hair shines brightly by preventing split ends. While we are growing our hair, we no longer have to go to the hairdresser every month, now it's your turn to try Dream Long series!