New Trend Rose Quartz HairStyle

New Trend Rose Quartz HairStyle

Meet Rose Quartz Hairstyle! If you are inclined to try a different trend recently, or even colored hair, we have a suggestion that you will love.

What is the rose quartz color trend?
As you guessed, this hair trend takes its name from quartz stone. This color of the quartz stone, which has healing, keeping fit and maintaining emotional balance, in a golden pink tone gives a completely different air to the hair.

Rose quartz hair color trend, which we frequently see on Instagram and preferred by famous stars and bloggers, winking at the pink hair trend! It is even a shade that is very close to the golden shimmery pink color we call rose gold.

It can be applied to the entire hair, as well as a different interpretation of colored hair by applying it to some or as a balayage.

Who is it suitable for?

Since it is a light color, we have to say that it suits light skins very well. It will create a very cool look with its sweet glow on light skin color.

If you want a long-lasting rose quartz hair color and your hair is dark, you need to lighten your hair color. However, if your hair is light, you can try the rose quartz color without opening your hair, this color will be very suitable for you.

Of course, it is very suitable for those who want to attract attention in their Instagram posts, and those who want to break comments and likes records. For example, after you have rose quartz hair, you can have an incredibly cool photo by placing flowers on your hair. And your look will be so cool that you don't even need a filter! :)

How can you get this look?

As we told you, you wanted to try it right away, right? You can achieve a rose quartz look with rose gold colors or pink hair dyes. The key points here are the current hair color and how long you want that color to stay in your hair.

If you want rose quartz hair to be permanent for 1-2 weeks: If you want this look to be on your hair for a few weeks and your hair is blonde, you can give Colorista Washout Pink a try. You can either apply this color to various strands of your hair or apply it to your entire hair.

However, if your hair is in dark tones, you must open your hair beforehand. After bleaching your hair color, you can try Colorista Washout Pink.

If you want rose quartz hair to be permanent for 1 day: If you want this look to be permanent in your hair for only 1 day and your hair is in yellow tones, our recommendation would be Colorista Hair Makeup Rose Gold color. This color, which can be easily applied to the hair with its gel form, does not bleed or smear, flows from the hair at the first shampooing.

How should hair care be?

If you have a rose quartz appearance in your hair color for a few weeks, you should not neglect the care of your hair. During this time, we recommend that you use sulfate-free hair care shampoos to make your hair shine and soft. Color-Vive 3-in-1 Cream Shampoo, one of our favorites, gently cleanses the hair with its sulfate-free, foam-free formula and creamy texture, giving the hair softness. We think you should add it to your care routine after coloring your hair! :)