Porcelain makeup and how is it easiest to do?

Porcelain makeup and how is it easiest to do?

Porcelain make-up is a make-up technique that makes the skin look smooth, flawless, uniform and luminous. The key to making our skin look magnificent is of course in a flawless skin make-up created with porcelain makeup set and porcelain make-up products!

Just like porcelain dolls, it is not that difficult to achieve a smooth skin appearance. The important thing is to know some tips! If you want to make your own porcelain makeup at a special event that you will attend, we recommend you to check out our guide below!

What is porcelain makeup?

Porcelain make-up is a make-up style that you can make at home with the right makeup products, making your skin look smoother and more flawless. For those who want to hide skin problems such as acne, acne scars, blemishes, pores and roughness, you can use porcelain make-up, which is often used in bridal make-up, when you are going to take a photo or in special events. Especially when bridal makeup is done with porcelain products, it looks much more permanent and eye-catching. Even famous stars who appear on TV frequently and appear at red carpet events also benefit from the blessings of porcelain makeup!

How to Make Porcelain Makeup? What Are Porcelain Makeup Materials?

Let's list what you need for porcelain skin make-up: For skin like porcelain, you need make-up base, foundation suitable for skin color, transparent powder, 1 or 2 tones light concealer from skin color, peach tones blush.

Especially if used in night make-up, the necessary materials for porcelain make-up; You need a false eyelash mascara, black eyeliner, eye makeup base and for your lips you need lipsticks such as nude if your eye make-up is dark, and red, burgundy if light. Now that we learn about porcelain makeup materials, we can move on to making porcelain makeup.

Prepare your skin for porcelain makeup

For a porcelain-like skin, don't forget to prep your skin first! One of the necessary materials for porcelain makeup should be the peeling you should use to make your skin look smooth. With Garnier Apricot Peeling, first thoroughly cleanse your skin. Thus, your skin will appear brighter and more radiant all day long. Apply Moisture Therapy Moisturizer as your porcelain makeup base to keep your skin looking soft. If you want to prevent oily skin and reduce the visibility of your pores, spread Prep & Matte Matte and Pore Concealer Primer evenly on your T-zone and then all over your face, among the make-up bases that can be used for porcelain make-up.

Find the right porcelain foundation

We recommend using skin products with high permanence in porcelain skin makeup. Especially if porcelain make-up is made for the bride, you should definitely include the products you have used and trusted before. Our recommendation is that if you are looking for a porcelain makeup foundation, you can choose Infallible 24H Matte Cover foundation.

Along with its serum content that gives the skin a healthy-matte appearance, it controls shine all day long with its special powder-containing formula. While providing a high coverage even in a single layer, this foundation, which does not compromise the natural appearance of the skin, is also resistant to water, sweat and contamination.

Now that you've found the best porcelain foundation, it's time for other porcelain makeup materials! After applying the foundation, you can use More Than Concealer, which we have not removed from our bag recently, to close your under eye. We love this concealer that covers the under eye without drying it out. You can look great in photos by using the right concealer, especially in bridal porcelain makeup. If you are looking for a blush suitable for porcelain skin make-up, you can choose 01 Totally Chill from Professional Makeup Sweet Cheeks Blushes. You should apply the blush slightly upwards starting from the cheekbones.

Things to Consider When Using Porcelain Makeup

We recommend that you pay attention to using porcelain makeup products, especially in night make-up, because you should prefer more natural-looking makeup styles instead of intense during daytime. You should also make sure that you cleanse and moisturize your skin before you start using porcelain makeup materials. The things to be done after porcelain make-up are as important as what to do for porcelain skin. Do not forget to clean your pores thoroughly and cleanse your pores from make-up remnants, as porcelain make-up is a little intense form of make-up! After cleansing your skin, you should apply your moisturizer.

Why porcelain makeup ?: When we applied porcelain make-up, our favorite feature was that it did not deteriorate easily. At the same time, porcelain makeup products make us look great in photos and selfies. However, let's not go without saying that we owe its permanence to porcelain make-up foundation and porcelain skin mask!

How To Make Porcelain Makeup With Eyes In The Foreground?

If you prefer a style that highlights your eyes in porcelain skin make-up, you can keep your eye makeup fixed by applying a shadow base on your eyelids. After that, apply the nude color in the Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette Warm Neutrals eyeshadow palette as a base on the eyelid. Apply dark brown eyeshadow to the outer part of the eyelid towards the temples and fill the lower lashes with the same eyeshadow. Thus, you will size your eyes by giving them a natural shade. The headlights in the Neutrals eyeshadow palette are highly pigmented and soft. Since they blend easily with each other, you will get a great eye makeup without any difficulty. With Bambi Eye Extra Black Mascara, you can curl and lift your eyelashes and get a gazelle-eye effect. It will be the focal point as your eyes will appear much larger and open. In addition, your eyes will deepen with the jet black effect of this mascara.

How To Make Porcelain Makeup With Lips In The Foreground?

You should definitely complete your porcelain single make-up with matte lipstick. Matte lipstick will support the smoothness of porcelain skin makeup. Choose from Super Stay Matte Ink lipsticks that match your outfit and style and enjoy the ultra-permanent matte lipstick!