Red bob hairstyles for those looking for a different style

Red bob hairstyles for those looking for a different style

If you want to dye your hair red or get a cut or make a change to your red hair, this article is for you! Autumn means changing your hair color and cut!

When preparing your hair for the winter, how about trying a completely different hair color and haircut rather than sticking to the same style all the time? If you want a different twist on this fall look, or if you want to try a different haircut on your red hair, you're in the right place! Here are your muse!

1. Red, bob cut

The bob cut with long front and short back is still very trendy, still very popular! This haircut, which looks great especially on red hair, is a great harmony with red hair colors in a burgundy tone! After trying this type of haircut, you can make your haircut stand out by using a flat blow dryer.

2. Red wavy bob cut

If you want a feminine and attractive look, you can opt for a short bob haircut with light layers in the front. You can get a stylish look by taking your hair style one step further with the wavy hairstyle that will add a very cool look to this haircut.

3. Long bob haircuts

One of the most popular haircuts of this year, the long bob haircut looks great when used with a straight hairstyle! Especially if your hair is straight, you can create a beautiful look by choosing a long bob haircut.

4. Red bob haircut with bangs

A bob haircut of the same length on all sides and long bangs that extend to the eyes… When this haircut, which is both cool and extremely attractive, is combined with the red-looking red hair color, a mysterious look emerges.

5. Long and short bob hair in one!

Have you ever considered a haircut that is long on one side and shorter on the other? If you have an original and unique haircut in mind, you can make a difference by trying a haircut where half of your hair is long and the other half is shorter!