Shiny blonde perfection: Blonde sparkly hairstyles

Shiny blonde perfection: Blonde sparkly hairstyles

These blonde hair colors sparkle: Shimmery blonde hairstyles. We love blonde hair colors! If you like bright and lively looks like us, you can take inspiration from sparkling blonde hair colors.

We determine the brightest and most radiant blonde hair colors for you. Don't worry, we will share not only blonde hair names but also blonde hair dye numbers with you. Those looking for a blonde hair color that will shine in the sunlight and reveal the reflections in it should read this article carefully! :)

How about shiny blonde hair?

Luminous blond hair is formed by the combination of different radiant reflections on the blonde hair color. Reflections on blonde hair give the face a brighter, lively and youthful expression. Platinum and silver reflections, especially in blond hair, are preferred because they provide a brighter appearance than people.

If you too think that when you look in the mirror, the hair color looks pale and your hair makes your face look lifeless, it is time to try the sparkly blonde hair color. If you have any doubts about trying out sparkly blonde hair color, we just want to tell you this; We have never seen the one who regrets among those who dyed their hair bright blond, have you ever heard? :)

Silver sparkling blonde hair

Blonde hair with silver reflections is one of the brightest shades of blonde hair colors. We love blonde hair with silver shimmer that instantly refreshes the hair and makes it look very shiny. If you want to try blonde hair color at home, let's introduce you to our favorite blonde hair dye: Striking Colors Hair Dye 111 Extra Light Silver Blonde.

Extra light silver blonde hair color suits us best on wheat skins. We love to use this cold-toned light blonde hair dye, which makes the wheat skin color more vibrant and provides a perfect contrast with the skin color.

2.Blonde hair with diamond shimmer

White skinned here! We explain the blonde hair dye that will suit white skin color best: Striking Colors 110 Extra Light Diamond Blonde. Your hair will look bright and natural thanks to the ashy reflections in the light diamond blonde. Diamond blonde hair color is ideal for those who want natural blonde hair dye.

The reason why diamond blonde hair color is so loved is that it creates a very natural effect. Thanks to this yellow tone that resembles baby yellow, your fair skin looks much brighter and energetic. Those who are bored with the pale look should try the extra light diamond yellow.

3.Ashy shimmery blonde hair

Who can say no to light ashy blonde hair? Ashy tones are best suited to women with cold skin tones. If you want to look more energetic with ashen tones, then you should try Color Naturals Hair Color 9.13 Light Ash Blonde hair color.

Garnier light ashen blond hair color contains mother-of-pearl extracts and precious flower oils, so it prevents the hair from being damaged while changing the hair color and helps their hair look brighter. This glittery hair dye that completely covers the whites is a favorite of blonde hair lovers like us!

How should the care of shiny blonde hair be?

To keep your blonde hair shining, you should pay attention to blonde hair care. In hair care, we recommend that you use hair care products that protect hair color and support hair shine.

We use special shampoo for dyed hair to maintain the shine of our blonde hair and make a hair mask 3 times a week. Hair mask is a care product that prolongs the life of hair color and prevents hair dye from becoming dull. Also, when washing your hair, you should avoid hot water and avoid drying the hair using excessive heat.