Short hairstyles for wavy hair

1. Pixie cut hairstyle

Pixie cut hairstyle
Pixie cut hairstyle
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We find pixie cut hairstyles very modern and cool. You can also take a bold step and cut your wavy hair in a pixie model. The asymmetrical pixie cut allows your hair to be styled very easily as it controls the frizz of wavy hair. If you want to have your hair cut ultra short, the pixie cut should be your first choice.

Editor's suggestion: After having your hair cut asymmetrically in a pixie model, you can spray Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray on the ears and nape to prevent these areas from frizz. Don't risk your flawless day-to-day look by fixing your fringe with hairspray!

Enjoy short hairstyles! If you want to enter the new season with a new hairstyle, how would you like to have more haircuts? If you have wavy hair, make sure that short hair will look great on you.