Short hairstyles for wedding

Short hairstyles for wedding

It can be a little difficult to find wedding hairstyles for short-haired brides. We examine short hair bridal hair models one by one and share our favorites with you.

Short hairstyles will look dazzling at your wedding! All you need is to find different short bridal hair styles and try these hairstyles in hair rehearsal! Don't forget to take a screenshot of the hairstyles you like. :)

1- Water wave

If you like natural bridal hairstyles, you should check out water wave hairstyles. You can generously use mousse to keep your waves looking glamorous all day long and not falling out. Elnett Hair mousse for Distinct and Full Curls  is ideal for natural waves. 

2- Bob bridal hair

Those with a bob hairstyle can make their bridal hair more stylish by using stylish hair accessories. 

3- Bulky hairstyle

To use your loose hair in a cool and charismatic way, it will be enough to style it straight. This hairstyle goes well with a strapless wedding dress. You should use  Elnett Hold Power Spray to prevent your hair from frizz . 

4- Use the power of yellow

How about trying blonde hair color to make your short hair look attractive on your wedding day? With Ash Blonde hair color , you can make your short hair stand out.

5- Bulky blow dryer

If you want to use your short hair open for the wedding, you can make your hair look fuller by choosing voluminous and wavy blow dryer models.

6- Natural hair accessory

You can use hair accessories that match your hand bouquet to style your short hair differently. The flowered crown will look assertive and cool on short hair. 

7- Twisted hair bun

It can be difficult to make a bun on short hair. You should try the twisted bun models to prevent tiny hair coming out of the bun. Thus, your short hair can stay intact all night long.

8- Natural curls

Those with short and medium hair look very good with natural curls. Waves to the ends of your hair will help the short hairstyle look more natural. 

9- Shabby bun

You can also make a bun for your short hair! Instead of choosing a tight bun at your wedding , try the risk-free  shabby bun model. The short strands that come out of the front of her hair will give her hair a shabby and natural look.

10- Elegant knitting

11- Part your hair from the sides

To make your short hair look full, you should part your hair from the side. You can make romantic waves on your side parting hair and make everyone admire you at your wedding.

12- Romantic hair accessory

We love hair accessories with feathers, stones and pearl details. Especially those with ashy hair should definitely use hair accessories compatible with their hair color. Ash Brown hair color is one of the most romantic hair colors for us.

13- Hairstyles with Bangs

If you want to try a new hairstyle before the wedding, you can look at the fringe hairstyles. It is very good for short hair to have a side bang.

14- Leave thin strands of hair from the front

If you just can't make a bun or ponytail for your short hair the way you want, try leaving thin strands of hair from the front. Thanks to this step, your hair will look cooler.

15- hairstyle for countryside wedding

If you are planning a country wedding, you should take advantage of the naturalness of short hair. It's possible to look cool with tiny curls and a shabby ponytail.