Short straight hairstyles for men

Short straight hairstyles for men

If you have straight hair, these hairstyles are just for you! Men with straight and short hair usually do not try hair very different hairstyles.

We have prepared a great article for men who are bored with the classic short hairstyle! You can shape your straight and short hair differently now. How Does? We suggest you take a look at the following hairstyles.

Short and straight hairstyles

If you have straight hair, we recommend that you shave the sides of your hair and extend the upper part. This way, you can have a different look and prevent your hair from frizz. You should usually style this hairstyle with hair gel. First, spray the jelly into your palm, then comb your hair back with your fingers. That's it!

If you have shorter hair, this model may suit you. You should gradually shorten the sides, leaving the tops longer. Since this hairstyle won't stick to the back, you should style it by lifting your hair upwards with hairspray.

If you like masculine hairstyles, this hairstyle is for you! You should fix your entire hair back with a wet-looking gel. This hairstyle will attract a lot of attention on special occasions, meetings and special meals, tell us!

If all of your hair is the same length, you should style your hair with this model. Thanks to this very cool and practical hairstyle, it will be on all eyes. Spread the hair gel all over your hair and mix your hair in a messy way. Style your hair after it's dry and you're ready.

This hairstyle, which is one of Zayn Malik's favorite hairstyles, will suit you very well. If you don't want to get away from the classic, you should give this hairstyle a try. Comb your hair forward with hairspray. So your hair will look perfect throughout the day without spoiling.