Special ombre styles for bob hair

Special ombre styles for bob hair

The ombre trend continues to grow in popularity. Ombre models that we see almost everywhere look very beautiful on both short and long hair.

So how do you apply the ombre trend on your stubby hair? Now we are here with special ombre models for you! Let's see which one will be your favorite?

Natural hair ends

If you do not want to make changes to all of your hair, you can also look cool by simply opening the ends of your hair. You can keep up with the ombre trend by dyeing the ends of the hair in 2-3 tones lighter than the hair color. If you have bob hair, we recommend that you start your ombre after ear level. You can also get a very cool look by opening the ends of your hair with bleaching gel.

Colorful ombre

The colorful hair fashion, which is one of the hair trends of this year, has combined with the ombre trend. You can try different colors on your hair by dying the ends of your stubby hair pink, purple or blue. By dyeing only the ends of your hair, you will cause less damage to your hair.

Ashy ombre

If you want to give a different movement to your bob style hair, we recommend ashy ombre. You can even get a more voluminous and modern look by cutting the ends of your hair in layers. Especially if you have thin hair, this model will be just for you.

Copper ombre

Copper ombre hair is one of the best ombre models that suits blunt hair. If you want to have a different and lively look, you can give copper ombre hair a chance.

Caramel ombre

Caramel color ombre also goes well with blunt hair. It's impossible not to look cool with the gradient color that goes from auburn hair color to caramel tone! :)