The easiest ways to have bangs

The easiest ways to have bangs

The fashion for bangs doesn't stop. The models of bangs, which we come across every day in different forms, bring to mind the question: "I wonder if I have a bang too?".

If you want to have a haircut but want to see if it suits you in advance and whether it is suitable for you, we will talk about the practical bang look without cutting your hair.
In our opinion, even for special occasions, you can choose the hair style with bangs and attract everyone's attention! :) These apps that you can do without a short cut will make people around you say "how did you do it?"

Fringe appearance with fake bangs

To follow hair trends, you don't have to have your hair cut in different models all the time. You can choose fake bangs to look with bangs without cutting your hair. Fake bangs, which have various types of bangs such as long bangs, short bangs, and bangs, are both very practical and instantly provide a different look.

How can you wear fake bangs on your hair?

Before you put on fake bangs, you should tidy up your hair. So you can wear your bangs more comfortably. Comb the upper part of your hair with a fine-tipped comb to determine the area where you will wear the fringe. Then place your fake bangs here and fasten the clip-on hairpin to the roots.

The size of the bangs may differ depending on the width of the forehead area. Therefore, if the bangs are long for you, you should cut the ends and shape them according to you. You can wear a bandana on your hair to hide the area where you wear the bangs, or you can hide the hairpins part of the wearing bangs with the crown braid hairstyle.

How to care for fake bangs?

Before washing, you should remove the fake hair from your hair. You can care for your fake hair with the shampoo and conditioner you use on your hair. However, the sulphate attachment found in foaming shampoos can cause the frizz to wear off quickly. For this reason, we recommend washing with sulfate-free shampoos.

While washing your fake bangs, clean them thoroughly with shampoo under cold water. You can also apply conditioner to make your bangs softer. Let the conditioner sit on your bangs for a few minutes, then condition it with cold water. Hot water may cause flaking to form, be careful!

Fake bangs look

It is also possible to look with bangs without using fake bangs or having your hair cut! For this style, you can use the bun model that celebrities often prefer. You can participate in invitations and events with the stylish bun model with fake bangs, and you can collect all the eyes in your hair. You can even get the look of fake bangs just by separating your hair from the side.

How to make a bun with bangs?

We recommend that you straighten your hair first so that the bangs bun model looks perfect. Then make your hair into a tight ponytail up. Twist the tip of the ponytail to give it a bun look. Bring the tip of the bun towards your forehead, not the nape of the neck, and give the look of bangs right over your forehead. Secure your bangs with wire buckles. Finally, by spraying hairspray, you can keep your frizz permanent throughout the day.

Fake side bangs

If you wish, you can get the fringe look by separating your hair from the sides and fixing it with a wire clip. Don't forget to apply lots of fixing spray or styling gel to keep your hair stable! If you are going to use styling gel, you should use a lightweight styling gel that will make your hair heavier. We suggest you seek help from Tecni Art Depolish Creamy Gel.

How to make a fake bang?

Requirement list:

- Rubber buckle
- Wire buckles
- Comb
- Smoothing
- Hair care oil
- Stabilizing spray

First step: Ponytail
To prevent frizz, apply a few drops of conditioning oil to the ends and lengths of your hair and gently comb it before forming your ponytail. Then create a high ponytail and secure it with a rubber buckle.

Step two: fake bangs
Divide the ponytail into two handles, top and bottom. Bring the top strand to the front of your hair, above your forehead, and make it look like an bang. Then secure this strand with wire buckles near the rubber buckle.

Third step: the bun
Separate the strand below into two handles, wrap it around the rubber buckle to form a bun, and fasten it with wire buckles.

Step four: Straight bangs
With the help of the straightener, comb your bangs to give them a flat look.

Fifth step: the final touch
Finally, from a distance of about 20 cm, you can apply the fixative spray all over your hair and keep the hairstyle stable throughout the day.

As you can see, you can easily achieve the look with bangs without cutting your hair.