The "Glass hair" trend that took over Hollywood

The "Glass hair" trend that took over Hollywood

The name of the hair trend that celebrities are also interested in, bloggers run to the hairdresser and try immediately: Glass hair fashion. Our favorite part of this trend, also known as "Glass Hair", is that it can be adapted to any face type.

If you are looking for a different and modern hair trend to try in the new season, you should get acquainted with the glass haircut right away! We also have a great care tip for you to try out this glowing glass hair trend! :)

What is the glass hair trend?

Instagram trend that took over Hollywood: What is the "Glass hair" trend? The glass hair trend comes from the blunt and smooth straight, shiny looking bob haircut. Its popularity continues to spread day by day. The aim of the glass hair trend is to make the hair look shiny and smooth. Glass hair fashion is now very popular in the USA! This haircut, which is often preferred by famous models, bloggers and social media celebrities, looks very cool and stylish.

Even Emily Ratajkowski is under the influence of this trend! We think that those looking for a change in their hair while entering the new season should try glass hair fashion right away!

Who is the glass hair trend suitable for?

The glass hair trend is ideal for women who want their hair to look shinier, softer, more vibrant and smoother!

Glass hair fashion actually takes a little bit of work! Every day, you have to make an effort to straighten your hair and make it look smooth and shiny like glass. However, it will be very easy for you to achieve this look with a brand new salon treatment that we will recommend you below! :)

For the glass hair trend, you should first go to your hairdresser. The most important aspect of the glass hair trend is to keep your hair shiny, healthy and smooth at all times. It is very important for this look that the right care is done with professional hands.

How is the Glass Shine Hair Service applied?

Let's come to how this care is applied, which makes the hair shiny! First of all, hair is thoroughly cleansed with a hair bath suitable for the hair type. Then, the water in the hair is roughly removed with a towel, and K Water is applied to the length and ends of the hair. Afterwards, the hair is rinsed without waiting and blow-dried. Thanks to this care, your hair looks healthier and more radiant!