Tips on ashy caramel hair color

Tips on ashy caramel hair color

Ashy caramel hair color has started to appear very often recently. How to get this hair color in which caramel hair color is more ashy tones? Which skin tone is caramel hair color in ashy tones suitable for?

We love trying and reviewing new hair colors. If you like to try out hair color trends like us, we're sure you've heard of ashy caramel hair color before. If you want to see a new color in your hair, let's explain the ashy caramel hair color in detail.

What color is ashy caramel hair color?

Generally, we knew the caramel color as warm tone. But the ashen caramel color gave us the opposite corner! The ashy caramel color looks really cool with its cool undertone. Unlike the warm caramel color, the ashy caramel color does not have warm and red reflections. Instead, it contains more auburn tones of sparkles.

Ashy auburn hair dye is a very bright and sparkling color. For this reason, those who want to have a bright and bright look in their hair can choose ashy auburn hair color. If you like cool undertone hair colors, you should try the ashy auburn hair color as soon as possible.

Who will suit ashy caramel hair color?

We suit ashy caramel hair color to fair skins the most. Those with cool skin tones will look very lively and cool with ashy caramel hair color! Ashy caramel hair dye, which creates a contrast with light skin color, will also help your hair look brighter. Thus, your pale and tired looking image will change and you will see yourself more vigorous in the mirror.

To make an introduction to ashy hair colors, you can start your hair color change with Garnier Color Naturals 7.1 Ash Blonde hair dye. The 3 nourishing oils in its formula will make your hair look softer and shiny. Thanks to your hair that is nourished for up to 8 weeks, you will be able to have ashy hair shinier than ever before.

How to get ashy caramel hair color?

To get ashy caramel hair color at home, you should meet caramel hair dyes. One of the best natural auburn hair dyes we have tried to date is Color Naturals 8N Light Auburn. This hair dye, which looks like it is your own hair color, will create caramel reflections in your hair thanks to the sparkles inside.

Brown and ashy reflections in ashy caramel hair color make you look more energetic and natural than you are. The smooth appearance of his hair will be noticed by everyone, but it will not be easy to see that his hair is dyed. Thanks to the natural touches in the Color Naturals series, the natural shine of your hair emerges.

How should the ashy caramel hair color be maintained?

In order for your ashy caramel hair color to look vibrant and bright like the first day, you should pay attention to hair care. Remember, no matter how natural your hair color looks, however, dyed hair definitely needs special care.

You should use the nourishing conditioner from Garnier hair dye for the first wash. Hair color lasts longer in nourished hair. After that, you should use special shampoo, conditioner and mask for dyed hair in every wash. You should stay away from extremely hot water while washing your hair. Hot water can dry the scalp and hair strands. Dry hair doesn't look as shiny as before. Instead of heat styling your hair, you can opt for hair care creams or hair sprays. Keep in mind that the biggest enemy of your hair is heat :)