Trending Platinum Bob Haircuts

Trending Platinum Bob Haircuts

We're taking a closer look at platinum bob hair! One of the best hair colors for a bob haircut is platinum tones! When the platinum blonde, one of the most attractive shades of yellow, is combined with short bob hair, the coolest look of the modern city woman emerges.

If you want to change your hair in the new season, you can consider a platinum bob haircut. So, for whom does platinum hair color suit, which face does a bob haircut go for? We've prepared a great guide for you to find out if the platinum bob trend will suit you. You can find how to achieve platinum hair color and platinum bob hairstyles as a bonus in the post.

What is the platinum bob trend?

Platinum hair color is one of the most vibrant shades of light blonde. Platinum yellow with reflections in silver or diamond tones, depending on the tone, goes well with fair skins. The bob hair trend is called the haircut at ear height, which has not fallen from the trend lists for many years. When these 2 trends come together, this cool look comes out!

Which bob cut suits your face shape?

To learn about bob haircuts according to face shape, you should first examine the face shape a little. If you have a round face shape, a bob cut that touches your shoulders will look good on you. Separating your hair from the side while styling will bring the facial features to the fore. If you have heart-shaped facial features, you should consider a long bob haircut. The long bob, or lob haircut, rounds the sharp image on your chin, creating a more homogeneous image.

If you have an oval face shape, you should use a voluminous bob model. Instead of styling the ends of your bob haircut straight, you can show your face wider by choosing wavy hairstyles. Square faces should stay away from an angular, blunt haircut with a bob haircut. You can make a vintage hairstyle by curling the ends of your hair inwards to round the face line.

What you need to know about platinum hair color

Platinum hair color is quite light, even a hair color close to white. Hence, it looks great on fair skin like other light tones! However, if you have brown / wheatish skin tone, you should prefer warmer-toned blonde hair colors.

You can also dye your hair platinum blonde at home. For an intense and rich look, Excellence Creme Hair Color 01 Ultra Light Natural Blonde is just right for you!
Editor's suggestion: After dyeing your hair platinum blonde, we recommend that you use a Ph-balanced shampoo to keep the hair color shiny for a long time. Excellence hair dyes contain Ph balanced shampoo. Thanks to this shampoo, your hair color becomes shiny and your hair soft after the dyeing process!

Platinum bob hairstyles

Choppy platinum bob

Naturally wavy hairstyles go well with a bob haircut! You can also get this look with your hair waved with a wide-tipped curling iron. This look is great, especially on ashy reflected hair! If you have decided to dye your hair in ashy reflective platinum color, you can easily dye your hair at home with Excellence Creme Pure Blonde 03 Ultra Light Ash Blonde.

Straight hair

With straight hair, you can make the hair color even more pronounced. With the help of a straightener, you can straighten your hair. You can choose Excellence Créme 10 Light Yellow color to see shine, shine and rich color in your hair. This color will add silver sparkles to your hair and add a touch of glamor to the bob haircut.

Platinum bob with bangs

You can add a different touch to your look by taking a bang. We can already see that bob cut bangs and platinum hair color will dazzle you! :)

Bulk platinum bob

You can add air to the mood by choosing a blunt bob haircut, one of the iconic looks. You are sure to look very cool with this voluminous look that you will achieve by slightly creping the back of your hair!

Half bun hairstyle

Or did you just think that the hair could not be collected just because it was short? You can collect your hair well with the half bun hairstyle! :) After gathering the upper part of your hair and giving a bun look, your hairstyle is ready!