Trendy braid style for long hair: Twist braid

Trendy braid style for long hair: Twist braid

Get a super hairstyle with a twist braid! There are so many different beautiful braid styles for long and medium hair, and we are often surprised which one of these styles to choose!

In fact, braiding is not an easy hairstyle, but there are no braids that you cannot do with a little practice! I am sure that you will love the "twist" braided style, which stands out from this year's knitting trends.

Twist braided bun

You can get a very nice and stylish bun with a twist braid. First of all, after knitting 3 strands from the front part of your hair 2-3 times in a classic braid, you should include the front parts of your hair in the braid. Next, start braiding your hair to the other side and secure the braid at the back of your neck with wire clips at the bottom of your hair.

Note from the editor: You can keep your hair stable throughout the day by using lots of fixing spray for the finishing touch while completing this look.

Twist side braid

First, create a zig-zag hair parting with the help of a fine toothed comb. Then start braiding your hair, starting over your ear. Continue braiding this braid to the other side. Then, knit the parts of your knitting on the side and wrap the two knits around each other and secure them with a rubber buckle. That's it!

Twist braided ponytail

Gather all of your hair in the back and tie it up in a ponytail. Divide the ponytail that is formed into 2 strands, turn both strands around themselves and make them a twirl. Then, knit these augers over each other and fix them with a rubber buckle. The result will be a really nice braided ponytail look!

Twist half braid

For this braid: secure two strands from the front of your hair with a rubber clip at the back. Then turn this ponytail backwards. In this way, after fixing the rest of your hair at the back and turning it backwards, fix the curled braid formed with a rubber clip. Isn't it practical?