V haircut and U haircut for long hair

V haircut and U haircut for long hair

What is the difference between a V haircut and a U haircut? You grew your hair out just as you imagined but now you want it to look a little different? We have a great suggestion for you!

We are taking the U haircut and V haircut, which are among the most popular long haircut styles, under the spotlight for you today. Although these two haircuts are very similar to each other, there are some minor differences between them. Let's see what are these differences? :)

What is a U haircut?

U haircut is the name given to the haircut where the hair comes softly towards the back, in a U shape. The U haircut comes in a very light layered back, very light layering. Since it has a particularly soft line, it suits everyone, every face shape.

If you can't get your long hair back in shape and prevent their frizz, you can try a U haircut. Since the ends of the hair are inward in this haircut, there will be less frizz and electrification at the tip of the hair.

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What is a V haircut?

V haircut is a slightly pointed haircut. The hair comes in a more pointed and sharp way towards the back. Just like the U haircut, the V haircut goes well with any face shape. Hair always looks very plump as it distributes hair density evenly. Especially when you collect your hair, your hair looks much thicker and denser. Let's not go without saying that it goes well with hair with light shades. When viewed from behind, the hair looks brighter than it actually is, as the highlights are evenly distributed throughout the hair.

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What is the difference between V and U haircuts?

As we explained above, although V haircuts and U haircuts are very similar to each other, in fact these two haircuts are different from each other. The V haircut is pointed towards the back, while the U haircut comes in a softer way towards the back in the shape of the letter U. When viewed from the back of the U haircut, the hair appears rounded.

Since the layers are much sharper in a V haircut, it is important that the hair is smooth and looks straight. For this reason, a V haircut is not very suitable for people with thick hair, it will be more suitable for those with thin hair, straight hair. Since the hair is cut in a pointed style in the V cut, the ends of the hair need to look very neat. Don't let the split ends outshine your haircut!