What color is copper auburn hair color

What color is copper auburn hair color

Copper auburn hair color is one of the rising hair color trends of the last period! One of the indispensable for those who love naturalness, auburn hair color is here with its copper reflected form!

From famous stars to podiums, influencers, we will often see copper auburn hair color this season. If you want to discover this hair color trend before anyone else and differentiate a little, copper auburn hair color is just for you! Then how about discovering this special color together? :)

What color is copper auburn hair color?

Copper auburn hair color is called a hair color with copper-colored reflections on dark or light auburn hair color. When the naturalness of the auburn hair color is combined with the sparkle of the copper reflections, an eye-catching look emerges. We think it is an ideal color especially for those who want to try copper hair color but are afraid that their hair color will not look natural.

Who will copper auburn hair color suit?

While auburn hair colors are best suited to wheat skin color, copper tones are more suitable for those with fair skin. Thus, copper auburn, which is a mixture of two colors, suits both those with wheat skin color and those with light skin color.

If you have dark skin color, we recommend you to go for copper brown hair colors instead of copper auburn. If you're looking for a striking copper brown shade, we suggest you give Garnier Striking Colors 6.46 Intense Copper Brown a try! This hair dye with mother-of-pearl extracts and flower oils provides long-lasting and intense hair colors. With mother-of-pearl extracts, hair color gets an eye-catching shine! :)

How can you get a copper auburn hair color?

Let's get to how you can achieve copper auburn hair color! Hair colors with copper reflections appear brighter than other hair colors. Since copper auburn hair color is also a very intense color, you should make sure that the hair dye you use when dyeing your hair adds shine to your hair.

Our suggestion for you is Garnier Striking Colors 6.42 Sunset Copper color with copper reflections on dark auburn hair color! This cream hair dye, which allows us to achieve intense, permanent hair colors, nourishes the hair and gives it a wonderful color. Thus, you can get exactly the bright hair color you want. If you have whites and want to get rid of them for a long time, let's not forget that it provides 100% white coverage!

How should the copper auburn hair color be maintained?

Since there are copper reflections in it, we recommend that you take care of the hair care to maintain the brightness of the hair color and to ensure that this shine is long-lasting.

In order to maintain the shine of your hair color, you should not style your hair frequently and at high temperatures. Likewise, you should be careful not to wash your hair with hot water. Of course, you should not forget to use shampoo, conditioner and care mask suitable for dyed hair.