What color is dark copper hair color

What color is dark copper hair color

Dark copper hair has been on the rise lately! Recently, our favorite hair colors on Instagram and Pinterest are mostly dark copper hair colors. We are dying to try this cool hair color that shines brightly and provides a very energetic look!

We wanted to introduce you to the dark copper hair color. We have already done our research on which skin color dark copper tones suit and how they should be used. Everything you need to know about dark copper hair color models and care is in this article! :)

What color is dark copper hair color?

Dark copper hair color is a brown tone with copper reflections in it. The dark copper tone, which is between the brown hair color and the cinnamon copper hair color, has warm reflections. Therefore, dark copper hair color always looks bright and bright.

Dark copper hair color is a candidate to be one of the most trendy hair colors of this year! If you are looking for a modern, innovative and brilliant color in your hair, dark copper can be a hair color you will love to use.

Who will suit dark copper hair color?

Dark copper tone is suitable for every skin color that brown hair colors look good on. Especially for wheat and fair skins, we suit dark copper hair colors very well.

Those with dark skin colors may prefer dark golden copper hair color, which is another shade of dark copper hair color. Thanks to the golden sparkles in it, this hair color will look brilliant on dark skin! :)

How to get dark copper hair color?

We have come up with great suggestions for those looking for dark copper hair dye! The closest hair color to dark copper tone that we have tried so far is Excellence Crème 6.45 Hot Copper Brown. Thanks to the warm reflections in it, we highly recommend this hair dye, which is very suitable for light skin color.

If you are looking for a dark copper hair dye that suits wheat skins, we recommend Excellence Intense 5.45 Copper Brown color. The copper reflections in its content will suit your wheat skin well and will make you look younger than you are. You will love this hair dye like we do, which covers 100% of the whites and protects the hair strands from head to toe thanks to its pro-keratin content. :)

How should the dark copper hair color be maintained?

Dark copper hair color care is one of the most sensitive issues. In order for dark copper hair color to look vibrant and cool, you should take care of hair care. Immediately after dyeing your hair, you should remember to use the hair care mask and Ph-balanced shampoo included in the Excellence dye box after coloring your hair. Ph balanced shampoo and care mask will make your hair color last longer and your hair look radiant!

In your daily routine, you should definitely avoid very hot water and avoid styling your hair with high heat. It will be healthier for your hair color to style it with styling foam without using heat instead of blow-drying your hair.

We recommend that you use Magic Retouch Instant Concealer Spray for whites when your hair is deeply colored. With this magic spray, you can hide your whites in seconds and delay the bottom paint for a few days. :)