What is the curly girl method?

What is the curly girl method?

How to Follow the Curly Girl Method. If you have curly hair and are constantly searching for foreign hair care trends, we're sure you've heard of the Curly Girl Method before.

The even curly hair method, which started abroad and continues in our country, aims to find the best care method for curly hair by questioning the basic principles of hair care. If you want to have perfect curls and make your curly hair look voluminous and frizzy, you should learn the curly girl method

What is the Curly Girl Method?

The curly girl method is actually a curly hair care ritual.

According to the curly girl hair method, most of us are known to have curly hair when we were babies, but over time these curly hair look more messy and straight. The reason our curly hair changes over time is the  wrong hair care products we use . In childhood and adolescence, while going to school, styling the hair with constant heat, tidying the hair up disrupts the natural balance of the hair, thus removing the old frizziness. 

In the curly girl method, it is recommended to use special hair care products for curly hair. Using the right hair products to prevent the hair from drying out, using natural oils that will be good for the hair will make your curly hair look healthier. How about you want to try the curly girl method for more flawless curly hair, prominent curls ?

How is the curly girl method applied?

The curly girl method is asking you to stay away from the wrong hair products and turn to products that will be good for your hair. Since curly hair often tends to dry out and needs a lot of moisture, you should definitely use hair care products that contain nourishing oils. The wrong hair care products  can lead to more drying and dull hair in frizzy hair. Therefore, by using nourishing oil-containing care creams, shampoos, hair care masks, and styling creams, you can make your curls appear naturally. 

How does the curly girl method work ?: We can guess the questions that our impatient readers have in mind. :) The Curly Girl method shows the first signs between 2-3 months. After 2 months, your hair looks brighter and more vibrant. Of course, it is possible to see the effects instantly after you start to care for your hair correctly. But you should try this method regularly, for at least 2 months, for shine and a vibrant look in your entire hair. You will be shocked when you see the difference! :)

Which products should be used in the curly girl method?

The nourishing ingredients in hair care products come to the fore in the curly girl method. You can prefer nourishing ingredients not only in shampoo and conditioner, but also in hair masks and styling products. Our favorite for curly hair care right now, Miraculous Oil Amla Curl Defining Conditioner . Within the essence with the feeding of hair through, allowing the curls of the hair care creams are not evident for 48 hours, the curly hair makes it look more stylish. You'll look flawless when you also achieve the pronounced curls that make frizzy hair cool! :)

Hair care tips according to the curly girl method

As we mentioned above, you should always use oil-boosting care products as curly hair is more prone to dryness. Our recommendation is the shampoo, conditioner and hair care mask of the Elseve 6 Miraculous Oil series! As the name suggests, this series contains 6 valuable, nourishing oil content. With these oils, hair is nourished, moisturized and revitalized! By adding these products to your care routine, you can have shiny, soft and vivacious hair.

However, in order to prevent your hair from drying out, we recommend that you let your hair dry naturally after bathing rather than towel drying it. When you dry your hair with heat, unfortunately, your hair may tend to wear out in the long run. That's why you should let your hair dry naturally after bathing. 

At the same time, gathering your hair too tight and tense can cause your hair to dry, so the longer you can keep your curly hair open, the deeper your hair strands and hair will get airy.