What you need to know about terracotta hair color

What you need to know about terracotta hair color

Those who dream of a new and bright color in hair color should definitely get to know terracotta hair color! As soon as it enters the hair trends, terrecota colored hair, which attracts everyone's attention, adds a more vibrant, dynamic and youthful appearance to its users.

Those who want to get away from light colored hair and look cooler, prefer terracotta colored hair. The terracotta hair color, inspired by the bronze tone that occurs at sunset, suits every season very well. You are waiting for the rest of the article to take a closer look at the new trend hair color and learn how to make terracotta hair color at home! :)

What color is terracotta hair color?

Terracotta hair color is a bronze brown hair tone with sparkles, just like your favorite makeup item, terracotta. Shiny bronze hair color is preferred by those whose skin color is pale and matte, as it gives the face a warmer appearance. The terracotta color, which is one of the hot brown tones, warms the skin thanks to the bronze and caramel reflections in it and gives the users a Latin feel.

Terracotta hair is one of the brightest and most eye-catching colors of brown! It's up to you to look charismatic and cool by adding some sparkle and bronze reflections to the brown hair color. If you think your hair color always looks dull, dull and lifeless, terra quota hair color will be the model you are looking for!

Who is terracotta hair color suitable for?

We associate erracotta hair color with warm sub-toned wheat and brunettes. For those with medium skin tones, brown shimmering brown hair color fits perfectly. The biggest advantage of terracotta hair is that it adds shine and vitality to the hair. Wheat skinned people and brunettes will love this hair color!

Light-skinned people who want to try terracotta hair can also try almond brown hair color from warm tones. Almond hair color with warm reflections provides a lively and cool look for fair skinned people.

How to get terracotta hair color?

You couldn't resist seeing the beauty of terracotta hair color from bronze brown tones, can you? You can try this bright brown color on your hair right away by ordering coffee hair dye right away. Let us introduce you to our favorite terracotta hair dye, which we get excellent results. Casting Créme Gloss 680 Bronze Brown is one of the shiniest and brightest hair dyes we've ever tried! Loreal Bronze Brown hair dye, which does not contain ammonia and makes the hair coloring session more enjoyable with its pleasant smell, now enables you to reach brighter brown tones with its hazelnut based care cream.

Another favorite feature of Casting Créme Gloss 680 Bronze Brown hair dye is that it is permanent up to 28 washes! Semi-permanent Casting Créme Gloss hair dyes are a great option for those who want to try new hair colors but do not dare.

How should the care of terracotta hair color be?

You tried terracotta hair color at home and your hair started looking glamorous right? In order for the hair color to look as bright as the first day, you should use the nutritional care cream from Casting Créme hair dye in the first wash. Hazelnut extract hair care cream provides an eye-catching shine by reviving the reflections of hot coffee on your hair.

You should definitely add the recommended shampoo, conditioner and mask to your colored hair care routine. It is also very important to use non-rinsing care oils and care creams to ensure the moisture balance of your hair! Because if your hair dries, bronze brown hair may lose the first day's shine of color. Therefore, you should stay away from hot water, high temperatures and wrong hair care products.