Who is honey foam hair color suitable for, how is it obtained?

Who is honey foam hair color suitable for, how is it obtained?

When you are entering the new season, how about refreshing your hair with a cool color? We are sure that the bubble hair color will excite you as much as we do! Are you ready to have a cool hair color with a warm butterfat color that suits you? :)

What color is Honey Foam hair color?

Butternut hair color falls between auburn and blonde hair colors. There are golden reflections called dore inside. Thus, it offers a very bright appearance. It looks very shiny, especially thanks to these sparkles. So if you want your hair color to be eye-catching and noticed, we can say it is for you!

Butternut hair colors completely change your look and add a difference to you. If you want to make changes to your style, you can choose this hair color.

Who is the butternut hair color good for?

The butternut hair color is so gorgeous that those with this hair color can always easily stand out from the crowd. It is also a color that we can easily choose in all seasons!

In our opinion, it suits those with light and wheat skin color the most. However, if you have dark skin tones and would like to try butterscotch hair color, we also have a special suggestion for you! Honey caramel hair color is a shade that you can try with peace of mind.

Casting Crème Gloss 7304 Honey Caramel color is among our favorites! We are sure that you will love this shade of Casting Crème Gloss, which offers super bright colors with natural tones that last up to 28 shampoos! We are sure that it will perfectly match your skin color and you will not be able to give up this hair color. :)

How to get Honey Foam hair color at home?

If you have whites in your hair, and you want these whites to be covered and you want your hair color to be long-lasting, we recommend Excellence Creme 7.31 Bubble Color. You can achieve incredible cool looks with Excellence Crème, which offers rich colors with 3-step care.

If you are going to dye your hair for the first time, or if you are a little afraid of dyeing it, we recommend that you use Casting Crème Gloss 832 Bubble Foam. Thanks to this semi-permanent hair dye, the problem of constantly dyeing is eliminated! Since the hair colors are very natural, you can achieve the natural hair color of your dreams.

Before applying the paint, thoroughly read the instructions included in the box and then follow it step by step. First, prepare the hair dye mixture. Then apply it to the roots of your dry hair first with the help of a paint brush or an applicator. After applying it to all hair follicles, apply it all over your hair. Then wait as long as it says on the paint can.

After the time is up, wash your hair. When washing your hair, repeat the rinse process until clean water runs out of your hair. Then, apply the shampoo or conditioner from the paint can to your hair. That's it!

How should be the care of the pumpkin hair color?

Like all colored hair, mousse hair colors require regular maintenance. It should start with a shampoo and conditioner that protects the hair color. Then, with care sprays and masks, you can make your hair color always bright and intense, and your hair strands look well-groomed and vibrant.