You Should Know Before Balayage!

You Should Know Before Balayage!

You have chosen one of the balayage models and you are planning to get a great balayage hair color. So how much do you know about balayage?

After balayage your hair, we have listed what you need to know before balayage so that the result is not disappointing. If you are ready we go! :)

What is balayage?

The light colored glitters applied to the length and ends of the hair are called balayage. Hair gets a very natural shine with balayage applied on natural hair color or on dyed hair color if desired. For this reason, those who love natural looks and hair colors that look like they are opened from the sun prefer more.

How to make balayage?

Balayage is applied to the surface of the hair and certain strands. It is applied to the lengths and ends, not to the scalp Thus, a very soft, natural-looking transition is achieved between the base hair color and the balayage color. Unlike highlighting and ombre, it is not applied only to the ends of the hair like ombre, nor from the roots of the hair like highlighting. It is applied to certain strands, ends and lengths of the hair. Balayage can be done with hair dyes or bleaches. Of course, the quality of the products used at this point is also very important for a good result.

Things to consider before balayage:

Professional balayage with the right products

You need to make sure you're balayaged with the right products. If it is not done with the right products, both the hair may be damaged and the hair color may deteriorate, especially in the balayage model on dyed hair.

To prevent this, we recommend that you have a professional hairdresser that you are sure of using professional products. Our suggestion is to have a balayage in a hairdressing salon using Professionnel products INOA and Smartbond Bond Strengthening.
After dyeing the hair with the ammonia-free and oil-based INOA, hair colors that shine brightly appear. With the coloring system that activates the color pigments called ODS2 with the rich texture of the oil, the hair looks attractive.
Likewise, the Professionnel Smartbond Bond Strengthening service prevents the hair from being damaged while the hair color is lightened. The hair grows without damage or fraying, and it looks great after lightening!
While you are doing balayage, we recommend you to find out if your hairdresser has a Smartbond Bond Strengthening service and uses INOA hair dye.

Balayage selection suitable for hair color

Balayage is a coloring technique that does not require bottom paint because it is not applied to the roots. If you are going to have balayage for the first time, we recommend that you choose the appropriate shade of balayage over the existing hair color.

If your hair color is brown, you can choose light brown, blond or caramel if you are auburn, and dark red balayage styles.